International Day of Co-operatives 1995 Celebrated

This document has been made available in electronic format
     by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA
                     February 1996

         International Day of Co-operatives 1995

The first UN International Day of Co-operatives was celebrated by ICA
members worldwide.  Some chose to hold joint celebrations with the United
Nations representational offices or agencies, others with their governments
and nearly all held cultural celebrations and activities in the communities
in which they serve.

ICA members ensured the wide diffusion of the message of the Co-operative
Day Message and of the message of  UN Secretary-General, Boutros
Boutros-Ghali, by having it published in their language in national,
regional and local newspapers in addition to the co-operative press. ICA
members in Cyprus, Czech Republic, Fiji, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Kuwait,
Morocco, Myanmar, Uganda, United Kingdom were able to have the message
reprinted by the national press with articles on their movements and the
ICA Regional Office in West Africa ensured the reprinting of the message in
C=F4te d'Ivoire.  Co-operative Day inserts reprinting the message and
carrying news items of the co-operative activities were also included in
the July 1st issues of the Fiji Times, and The New Vision (Uganda).

A television address by the Chairman of the Board of Centrosoyus in Russia
and interviews of co-operative members in Myanmar were broadcasted on the
occasion of the International Day. Radio programmes on the co-operative
movement were also aired in Morocco, Myanmar, and Thailand on this occasion

Co-operative movements in Argentina, India, Iran, Malaysia, Myanmar,
Romania, Senegal and Sri Lanka used the International Day to have policy
dialogues with their governments.  For example, in Argentina, a
Sub-Commission on co-operative matters was established, while in Sri Lanka,
co-operative organizations presented recommendations to their government on
amendments to co-operative legislation.

Youth and co-operatives was addressed by several movements on the
International Day of Co-operatives.  University seminars, school events,
and children's competition focusing on co-operatives and their role in
society were sponsored by movements in all regions.

Co-operative movements also carried out activities of support. For example,
the Cypriot co-operative movement sponsored a blood drive and donated a car
to assist the blood donation team.  The German Housing Co-operative
Movement collected donations from its members to co-sponsor, with the
European Union, a co-operative development project in Manila on the
occasion of the Day.

=46inally, the Day was an occasion to honour persons and organizations that
had made significant contributions to the movement.  One example was the
Kuwaiti Government which awarded the International Labour Office (ILO) with
a plaque for their invaluable assistance in promoting successful