About this Issue

This document has been made available in electronic format
     by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA
                     February 1996

                   About this Issue

This special issue of ICA News has been compiled from three issues of the
ICA Centennial Congress News which was written by the following
participants on the ICACC's Second International Workshop for Journalists:
Codruta Angelescu  (Romania); Phil Anzeze (Kenya); Geoffrey Chipolyonga
(Zambia); Igni Igunduura (Uganda); Bernard Kadasia (Kenya); Natalia
Kisseleva (Russia); Eugenia Kvitko, (Russia);  Sami Monier  (Egypt); P.
Nair  (India);  Theodore Ndee (Tanzania); Gregory Prouttskov,  (Russia);
M.L. Sharma (India); Sudarshan Srinivas (India); Krystof Tomaszewski

In Manchester the participants were assisted by Iain Williamson, Julie
Bowers, Steven Kay and Paul Schofield (Co-op Union ), Mary Treacy and Laura
Wilcox (ICA); Kalevi Suomela (Finland); Zahid Qureshi (ICMIF); Melanie
Bannister, and Rashana Sweidan  (CWS).

Many thanks go to   DGXXIII of the European Union, Inter Press Service,
CWS, Co-op Union and the Co-op Bank for their sponsorship and to the ICA
Communications Committee for making the whole venture possible.