Resolved in Principle

This document has been made available in electronic format
     by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA
                     February 1996

                Resolved in Principle

The ICA Congress resolved to adopt the Statement of Co-operative Identity.
The version adopted includes the amendments accepted by the ICA Board on 18

Three reports were received contributing to the Statement. The first report
was from the International Joint Project on Participatory Democracy which
gave the experiences in Japan, Canada, Great Britain, Italy and Sweden.

The Report from the recently completed International Co-operative Youth
Seminar was next. It emphasised that youth should be involved not just as
co-operators of the future, they should be recognized and involved as
co-operators of today too. It suggested means by which they can play a
greater role today and in the future, such as:
*  the establishment of an international co-operative network for youth.
News items and publications would be exchanged. Use of the Internet and
other modern technology can also facilitate the work of this network;
*  the holding of regular international seminars, workshops and congresses,
among others;
*  having representatives of youth on boards of co-operatives, even if only
on a quota basis.

Sven Ake Book, the outgoing Chairman of the Research Committee, said that
the Committee  was particularly happy that the statement was flexible and
general enough to suit all types of co-operatives.

The Congress accepted the recommendations of the Board on the Statement,
which was subsequently adopted by the  General Assembly, the highest
authority of the Alliance.

Bernard Kadasia