Working for Consumers

This document has been made available in electronic format
     by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA
                     February 1996

                 Working for Consumers

Consumer co-operatives have been called upon to continue working tirelessly
to speak for all consumers, the less fortunate as well as the fortunate
worldwide. This was a general consensus at the Consumer Committee (ICCO)
plenary meeting of the ICA Centennial in Manchester.

Emphasis was put on all consumer co-operatives to make sure that they
continue to speak out on all issues, especially now that the privatisation
of services from telephone to water, from gas to garbage and from houses to
hospitals is a common phenomenon in most countries.

It was saddening to note that several governments had chosen to cut funding
of consumer co-operatives in the name of privatisation and open market, the
meeting noted.

Meanwhile an agreement has been reached whereby the International Consumer
Co-operative Organisations and EURO COOP will establish a constructive and
complimentary collaboration.

According to a press release in Manchester issued after a meeting of the
two parties, this collaboration will be of great possible benefit for
co-operative organisations in Europe represented by EURO COOP and those
associated at world level within ICA which represents the five continents.

EURO COOP, which was established in the late 50s, is one of the strongest
consumer movements in EU member countries whose main objective is to fight
for fairer co-operative legislation and for a larger Co-operative Movement
in Europe.

Theodore Ndee and Evgenia Kvitko