Training Co-operative Communicators

This document has been made available in electronic format
     by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA
                     February 1996

          Training Co-operative Communicators

The ICA Communications Committee (ICACC) has developed one of its important
functions as providing training opportunities for co-operative journalists.

The second ICA workshop for young co-operative journalists from the Third
World and Eastern European countries was organised by the ICA
Communications Department on behalf of the ICA Communications Committee  in
September 1995. The Workshop was financed primarily by the ICACC, with some
funding from the European Union. The CWS, Co-op Bank and Inter Press
Service also contributed resource persons to the course.

The Workshop started with a week's theoretical training session at the
International Co-operative College in Loughborough. The second week of the
Workshop was practical training and implementation of the newly learned
skills in Manchester, writing and editing the Congress News Bulletin, a
daily bulletin published for the more than one thousand participants of the
ICA Centennial Congress.

Judging from the feedback that the Congress Bulletin received from its
readers, the Workshop was very successful. The bulletin was said to be
good, straightforward reporting that covered well the multitude of events
and issues during the Congress week.

The success was also reflected in the enthusiasm that the participants
showed during both busy weeks. There was a good team spirit and a strong
personal engagement to learn and work hard, essential prerequisites for a
successful learning experience.

There were 14 co-operative journalists from Egypt, India, Kenya, Poland,
Romania, Russia, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

The feedback from the workshop has been excellent  and an assessment has
been prepared based on questionnaires circulated to participants. A copy of
the Assessment Report is available from the ICA Office in Geneva.

After analysing the results of the Workshop, the ICACC Executive Committee
pledged that it will organise similar workshops in the future.
Kalevi Suomela