Are you surfing the Net for ICA?

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     by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA
                     February 1996

           Are you surfing the Net for ICA?

The Internet and how it can spread the Co-operative Message was the major
theme at a Communications Seminar held in Manchester on 17 September.

The meeting  which was attended by over fifty communicators from Europe,
North America, Asia, Africa and Australia, was an ideal opportunity for ICA
to demonstrate some of the recent progress in its Internet Project,
including the co-op gopher, a type of on-line information bank, which ICA
has set up in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin Centre of
Co-operatives in Madison.

Director of Communications of the ICA, Mary Treacy, says this electronic
information bank is already very popular with US students and receives an
average of 4,000 hits (the number of times it is consulted) per month.
Increasingly co-op organisations  throughout the world are making use of
the Internet to communicate by e-mail or to obtain and diffuse information
about the Co-operative Movement. Several have contributed information to
the ICA gopher.

CWS announced in Manchester that it would be making a web-server available
to ICA and its member organisations. ICA already has its home page
available on the server (see box below for address).

Early next year these pages will be expanded to include home pages on the
organisations which have already contributed information to the ICA Gopher.

Ms Treacy stresses that the ICA strategy should be backwards compatible so
that the new technology does not widen the gap between rich and poor member
organisations. Members from developing countries are encouraged to contact
their local member of the Association of Progressive Communications (APC).
A list of addresses can be obtained from Gabriella Sozanski at the ICA
Office in Geneva.

The second theme of the Communications Seminar was a case study on the
Co-op Bank and how its ethical policy has increased business,which was
presented by Chris Smith, responsible for the development and communication
of the Bank's ethical policy.

Phil Anzeze