Co-op People

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         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         July, 1996

Source : ICA News 1/1996

                        Co-op People

Keith Brading, former Chief Registrar of Friendly Societies
(UK) and first President of the UKCC died on 2 February aged
78 after suffering ill-health for several years.

David Dinning has taken over as the Senior Executive Director
of World Council of Credit Unions and David Richardson as
Executive Director of Technical Services. Both have had
extensive experience with the credit union movement.

Lord Jacques, Chairman of the Central Executive of the
Co-operative Union (UK) from 1964 to 1970 and President of
Congress in 1961, has died aged 90. John Henry Jacques began
his working life as a miner and entered the co-operative
movement as a grocery apprentice with the Ashington Society,
where he was working when he won a {o-operative college

Graham Melmoth, elected ICA President at ICA's Centennial
Congress in Manchester last September,  has been given another
challenge.  He is to become Chief Executive Officer of the
Co-operative Wholesale Society in Manchester when the present
CEO, David Skinner, retires later this year. Mr. Melmoth was
Vice-President of ICA (Europe) before being elected ICA
President in September 1995.

George Money, MBE, Chief Executive Officer and Secretary of
Yorkshire Co-operatives, one of the largest and most
successful independent retail co-operatives in UK, has been
elected President of the 1996 UK Co-operative Congress which
will meet in Harrogate from May 26 to 28, 1996.

Hakaru Toyoda, President of JA-ZENCHU, was elected ICA Vice-
President at the ICA Congress held at Manchester September,
1995. He succeeded Mitsugu Horiuchi, who retired as the
President of JA-ZENCHU in 1995.

Churll-Hee Won, Chairman and President of the National
Agricultural Co-operative Federation, NACF, was elected
Vice-President of ICA International Co-operative Agricultural
Organization at its plenary meeting in Manhester last

1996 Co-op Hall of Fame 
On April 17, 1996, four co-operative leaders, Burgee O.
Amdahl, Glenn M. Anderson, Dr. Allie Felder, Jr., and Dr.
Katharine Whiteside Taylor,  were inducted in to the
Co-operative Hall of Fame. They were selected by the two
committees of national co-operative leaders to receive the
co-operative sector's highest honour.