ICA's New World Wide Web Service

    This document has been made available in electronic format
         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 

                         July, 1996

   Source : ICA News 1/1996

             ICA's New World Wide Web Service

Join the ICA's Latest Venture on the Information Super highway

ICA's World Wide Web (WWW) Service has now been redesigned to
give access more quickly and easily than ever before to on-line
information on the International Co-operative Alliance and on the
history and present activities of co-operatives worldwide.

To access the ICA Web service all you require is a computer, a
modem, browser software - two of the most popular browsers are
Mosaic  and Netscape - and an Internet connection. The address
of the ICA Web Site is:

Once there, the ICA Web service provides users with: 

*    General information on the ICA, its history, membership,
     rules, etc. and the ICA's specialised bodies, with contact

*    Information about the history of the co-operative movement
     including biographies of famous co-operative people
     throughout the ages. 

*    The latest ICA annual report and on-line copies of the
     Review of International Co-operation, the ICA News and other
     Co-operative publications. 

*    A catalogue of ICA publications with details of how to

*    Information on Co-operatives by Region and by Sector. 

*    Information on News groups,  On-line Conferences and FAQs
     (Frequently asked questions and their answers). 

*    A link to the ICA/University of Wisconsin Center for
     Co-operatives Gopher Server and its search engine. 

*    Hypertext links to other Web sites on Co-operatives and to
     Web Sites of International Organisations and Business
     Information of relevance to Co-operatives.

To find out more about a given topic, simply click on the
underlined or highlighted text which represents links to menus,
other Web sites or documents on the subject concerned. 

With just a click of the mouse button you can browse through a
series of materials of interest to you.

ICA on the Internet
Addresses: http://www.coop.org
and: gopher://wiscinfo.wisc.edu:70/11/.info-source/.coop
General E:mail:  icageneva@gn.apc.org 
Communications Department E-mail: treacy@coop.org

The first section of the ICA Homepage is on ICA  and its Specialised Bodies. The second part "Further
sources of Co-operative Information" contains links to the ICA/UWCC Co-operative Gopher and
Co-op Web Sites worldwide and includes further information about the ICA, articles
explaining what a co-operative is, historical information about the movement and famous
co-operators throughout the ages, information on co-ops by region and by economic sector and
information on issues of particular interest to co-ops.

The third part includes links to the University of Wisconsin
Center for Co-operatives Home Pages and to the Co-operative
Gopher, in addition to links to other international organisations
and business sites.

The Web Site is being developed to include information in French,
Spanish and German.

The site will develop and evolve over the coming months and we
look forward to you comments and suggestions.