Co-op People and Co-op Calendar (1996)

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         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         July, 1996

            (Source: ICA News, Issue No.3/1996- pp.8)

                         Co-op People

New Appointments at ICA
During the ICA Board meeting in June, Director-General Bruce
Thordarson announced two secondments, one new appointment, and
one promotion within the Head Office staff structure, and a
change of Regional Director in Asia.

Mats Ahnlund, Director-General of the Co-op Network for
Co-operative Development in Eastern and Central Europe, joined
ICA as Senior Adviser, Member Services in July.  He will also
serve as focal point for liaison with the Specialised

MariaElena Chavez, currently ICA's UN Liaison Officer, will be
promoted to Director of UN/NGO Relations.

Bjorn Genberg, currently head of the Nordic co-operative
development programme in Kenya with the Swedish Co-operative
Centre, will join ICA as Development Director in January 1997.

Won-Sik Noh, senior agricultural economist with the National
Agricultural Co-operative Federation of South Korea, will join
the ICA as Agricultural Co-operative Adviser in August 1996.

Bruce Thordarson described these changes as a result of the
Board's planning session in December 1995.  At that time the
Board emphasised the need to diversify and improve services to
Member Organisations and the Specialised Bodies, to strengthen
the Development Programme with special attention to Africa,
and to ensure that the Head Office is sufficiently strong to
balance the centrifugal forces resulting from the new regional

At the ICA Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, Robby
Tulus of Indonesia has been appointed Regional Director,
effective 1 October 1996. A founder of the credit union movement
in Indonesia, he subsequently served as Asia Regional Manager for
the Canadian Co-operative Association.  During the last three
years he has been Senior Policy Adviser in the Regional

The retiring Regional Director, G.K. Sharma, will assume the
function of Special Advisor to the Director-General, with
particular responsibility for issues dealing with co-op
legislation and government policy.

Giancarlo Pasquini has been elected member of the Upper House
of the Italian Senate, and has resigned from the post of Lega
Chairman and also from the ICA Board. The new Lega Chairman is
Ivano Barberini. 

David Allonby OBE, a director of the Co-operative Wholesale
Society and member of the CWS Surrey and Berkshire Branch
Committee, has been appointed Chairman of the Co-operative
Union, the Co-operative Movement's central organising and
advisory body in the United Kingdom. He succeeds George Money,
who has retired.

Dr. Jacobo Laks, President of the ICA Sub-Regional Banking
Committee for Latin America and the President of the Instituto
Movilizador de Fondos Cooperativos died on May 7th, 1996. Dr.Laks
was a great supporter of ICA and was instrumental in the
development of co-operatives in Argentina.

                     ICA Calendar

12 August 1996       
Dakar, Senegal

15-17 August 1996          
Regional Assembly Africa 
Dakar, Senegal

26-29 September 1996
International Co-op Research Conference
Tartu, Estonia

11-14 October 1996         
ICMIF Meetings
Wiesbaden, Germany

22-23 October 1996
ICA-LEGA-Confcoop. Seminar 
Imola, Italy

24-25 October 1996         
ICBA Exec. & Plenary 
Budapest, Hungary

25-26 October 1996         
Budapest, Hungary

26-29 October 1996
ICA-IRU Board & Seminar
Budapest, Hungary

28 October 1996
Budapest, Hungary

28 October 1996
Housing Exec.
Budapest, Hungary

27 October 1996            
ICA Audit & Control Committee
Budapest, Hungary

27 - 28 October 1996              
Research Committee Conference
Budapest, Hungary

28 October 1996            
ICA Consumer Co-op Organisation
Budapest, Hungary

28-29 October 1996         
ICACC Exec. & Seminar
Budapest, Hungary

29 October 1996            
ICA European Council  
Budapest, Hungary

30 October 1996            
Reg.  Assembly for Europe
Budapest, Hungary