Electronic Networking and the Internet (1996)

    This document has been made available in electronic format
         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         October, 1996

              (Source : ICA News 4-5/1996, pp.10)

            Electronic Networking and the Internet

New On the ICA WEB
The ICA Web Site has recently launched pages in Spanish,
French and German which can be accessed at
http://www.coop.org. Please inform the Communications
Department of any new co-operative sites in English, French,
Spanish and German so that these can be added to the site and
advertised in the ICA News.

UWCC & ICA Partnership
University of Wisconsin Co-operative Center has been
incorporating the Internet into its co-operative outreach and
extension work for over two years. Since the beginning the
UWCC has been working with the International Co-operative
Alliance, Geneva, and Director of Communications, Mary Treacy.

Since the visit of Ms. Treacy in November 1995 and after
sharing the Internet projects of ICA and UWCC with
representatives of the Madison-area co-operative
organizations, the UWCC and ICA have worked out a more formal
agreement for collaborating. ICA will continue to provide
information from its members for inclusion in the Co-operative
Gopher, which is a searchable database of articles and
information. UWCC will set up and maintain ICA databases on
the Gopher and provide technical assistance.

The UWCC Co-operative Gopher can be reached at
gopher://wiscinfo.wisc.edu:70/11/.info-source/.coop. The
information is also available through the web sites maintained
by ICA (http://www.coop.org) and UWCC
(UWCC Working Together vol.4 No.1 )

ICA to Extend Collaboration
ICA intends to extend its collaboration in 1997 to include
projects with other universities and organisations.  

In 1996, besides working with the University of Wisconsin, ICA
has been collaborating with a number of organisations
including the UK Society of Co-operative Studies and the
University of Leicester, helping to develop their presence on
the Internet and publicize their activities.

In 1997 the ICA will collaborate extensively with the
University of Saskatchewan Centre for the Study of
Co-operatives on a new project to develop the multi-media
potential of the Internet to promote the Co-operative Image.

A project with the University of Moncton in Canada to set up a
French Data Bank of ICA Statistics on the Web is also planned
for next year and the ICA has recently had discussions with
Marcel Roy, Chaire de Cooperation at the University of Quebec,
to discuss possible joint ventures.

               ICA Members and the Internet

WOCCU Launches Home Page
The World Council of Credit Unions has launched a home page on
the Internet, at:  http://www.woccu.org, on June 1. The home
page contains general information about the World Council and
its programmes, activities and meetings, the World Council's
Newsletter Perspective and  links to other credit union and
co-operative organizations.

Co-op Bank's Electronic Mail 
The Co-operative Bank used the latest technology to ensure all
staff saw the International Co-operative Day message from the
Secretary-General of the United Nations, Boutros
Boutros-Ghali, to the 2nd United Nations International Day of
Co-operatives, by using the bank's electronic mail system,
which can be accessed by all the bank's staff.

JCCU on the Internet
The Japanese Consumers Co-operative Union (JCCU) has
established a home page on the internet, giving details on the
consumer co-operative movement in Japan. The site can be
accessed at: http://www.jccu.or.jp/jccu.
JCCU also has a new e-mail address for its International Dept:

ICA E-mail Addresses
General:            ica@coop.org 
Mats Ahnlund:       members@coop.org
Marie-Claude Baan:  development@coop.org 
MariaElena Chavez-P:chavez@coop.org
Vivianne Dubini:    admin@coop.org
Jan-Eirik Imbsen:   development@coop.org 
Aline Pawlowska:    info@coop.org
Arsenio Invernizzi: ica-europe@coop.org 
Gabriella Sozanski: ica-europe@coop.org 
Bruce Thordarson:   thordarson@coop.org
Claes Thorselius:   thorselius@coop.org
Mary Treacy:        treacy@coop.org
Laura Wilcox:       communications@coop.org
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