News from the Sectors (1996)

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         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         October, 1996

               (Source : ICA News 4-5/1996, pp.3)

                    News from the Sectors

Co-operative Image in the Year 2,000

The ICA Communications Committee and ICA Europe are hosting a
Communications Seminar on Co-operative Image in the Year 2,000
which will seek to formulate strategies for enhancing the
co-operative image and investigate how the growth of new
technologies can benefit co-operative communications and

The Seminar will take place on 29 October in the Agro Hotel,
Budapest, just prior to the ICA Regional Assembly for Europe.
Keynote speakers include Byron Henderson from the Centre for
the Study of Co-operatives, University of Saskatchewan,
Canada, who will discuss the  strengthening  of community
identity  among international organizations through the use of
electronic networks and Andrew Booth, of World Television, who
will explain how television can be used to enhance the
co-operative image and discuss a promotional strategy for the
ICA and its members. Members of the ICACC Executive, Zahid
Qureshi of ICMIF and Iain Williamson of Coop Union, UK, will
also be speaking. Mr. Qureshi will talk about harnessing the
collective genius of people to create the results they truly
desire and Iain Williamson will reflect on the Desk-Top
Publishing revolution of the past ten years and its
implications for the future.

Agricultural Sub-Committee Resolution on Food Security

On June 12, 1996, the ICA Committee on Agriculture for Asia
and the Pacific adopted a resolution on Food Security to be
presented at the World Food Summit.

The resolution expressed the willingness of the committee to
participate in FAO's efforts in drafting the Policy statement
and Plan of action at the World Food Summit which aims at
solving global food problems, and hoped that the summit would
agree on a solution to the world's food insecurity and
unsustainable agricultural development.

The committee also realizes that the Asia-Pacific region,
which already has over sixty percent of world's population,
will face a rapid increase in population and the demand for
more nutritious food. The loss of agricultural land to
industrialization and trade liberalization, will be the core
of global food problems in the future. The committee believes
that family farming is the best regional model to safeguard
rural communities and the environment. The resolution urged
governments in the region to provide incentives promoting
family farms and co-operatives. 

The resolution also noted that the inauguration of the World
Trade Organization weakened the economic viability of the
small family farms in the region.

On behalf of agricultural co-operatives in the region, the
Committee recommended that the vital roles of family farms and
agricultural co-operatives, in increasing food production and
protecting the environment, should be reflected in the World
Food Summit's Policy Statement and Plan of Action.

In Brief

ICMIF Sponsors Workshop
CLIMBS, the Co-operative Life Mutual Benefit Services
Association, Inc. of the Philippines organized an
ICMIF-sponsored seminar-workshop on possible Philippine Co-op
Insurers' Unification at Taal, Tagaytay on September 23-24,

Environmental Stand 
CICOPA is conducting a membership survey on the achievements
of co-operatives in supplying  healthy, biological and
non-polluting products; and in implementing production
processes which avoid polluting air, water and the 
environment in general.

New Constitution
Last June the ICA Consumer Committee for Asia and the Pacific
adopted a new constitution which only allows non-member
organizations to join the committee if they adhere to
co-operative principles and are recommended by the national
apex co-operative organization.