NCBA Releases New Video:"The ABCs of Cooperative Childcare" (1996)

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         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         December, 1996

            (Source: ICA News, Issue No.6, 1996, pp.3)

                    NCBA Releases New Video
               "The ABCs of Co-operative Child Care"

The National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA) has released
the second in its developing series of "how to" videos. The first
"How to Run a Co-op Food Buying Club", released in 1993, has
proven to be a practical and popular resource. Produced in
conjunction with the University of California Center for
Co-operatives, the new video contains valuable information that
will help families start and run their own co-operative child
care centers.

With more than half of the women with children under age one in
the workforce, the need for child care has become an issue for
them and their employers. Increasingly, parents and employers are
turning to professionally managed child care co-operatives as the
best way to meet the need for child care. The video explains how
co-operative child care centers - member owned and run
enterprises - provide high quality, affordable child care for
their member families. In producing the video, NCBA looked for
examples of co-operatives from across the United States and

The 21-minute video is available in VHS format in both English
and Spanish for the price of US $19.95  each. "The ABCs of
Cooperative Child Care" and "How to Run a Co-op Food Buying Club"
are also available as a package for US $35.00. For further
information, contact Jill Stevenson, NCBA, Washington D.C.