World Overview (1997)

TITLE:  World Overview (1997)

This document has been made available in electronic format
by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
April, 1997
(Source: ICA News, Issue No.1/1997, pp. 6-7)
					World Overview


Success Stories
The Canadian Co-operative Secretariat and the Canadian Co-operative 
Association (CCA) and Conseil Canadien de la Cooperation have 
finalised a second edition of Co-operative Success Stories in Canada. 
This can be obtained free of charge from the Co-operative Secretariat. 
Fax: (+1-613) 759-7489.

Breaking Barriers to Build Co-operation
Co-operative educators, leaders and communicators from the USA, Canada 
and the Caribbean are invited to participate in the Association of Co-operative 
Educators (ACE) Annual Institute for 1997, which has as its theme "Breaking 
Barriers to Build Co-operation in the New Millennium".

The event will take place in Toronto from April 30 - May 2, and will include 
sessions on educating government; barriers faced by young people as they look 
to the co-operative model; education and training in the workplace;  new 
generation co-ops; and  a special session on "Thinking Outside the Box", 
which will challenge those whose minds are closed to new technology and 
new ideas.

The Institute will also provide an opportunity to visit co-operative and credit 
union Internet sites at a Cyber Bar and present a Best Ideas Showcase where 
participants can share innovative ideas with colleagues.

Further information from Betty Davey at CCA at Fax: (+1-613) 567 0658 or 
by E-mail


Environment Week in SOK
An environment week was arranged in the SOK Head Office from 13 to 21 
February 1997 including an exhibition and panel discussion. During the week, 
experts gave up-to-date information and advice about environment issues. Main 
topics were environmental labelling, paper and cardboard recycling, energy 
saving techniques, biowaste collection and treatment and office cleaning 
equipment. The target group was SOK personnel in the first instance and the 
purpose was to raise environment awareness.

(Source:  FCCA Finland, March 1997)


Co-ops in a  Liberalised Economy

The National Co-operative Union of India discussed the role of co-operatives 
in the liberalised economy during its 13th Congress which has gathered more 
than 3,500 representatives of grassroots level societies. The Prime Minister, 
Shri H.D. Deve Govda addressed the delegates insisting on the merits of 
co-operative efforts in all spheres of economic activity. The main topics 
reviewed by the Congresses concerned personnel management policies, 
structural reforms, gender integration, applicability of labour laws and the 
income tax for co-ops.

The first session of the Congress honoured foreign co-operators for 
outstanding achievements for the movement. 

Among awardees were Graham Melmoth, ICA President and Yves Regis, 
who received a posthumus tribute for his action to develop workers coops 
in India.

(Source: A. Pawlowska, ICA Geneva)


Women Benefit from  Affirmative Action
The 1992 affirmative action law on women's entrepreneurship (L.215/'92) 
will soon become operational. 

A fund of 40 thousand million lire will provide funding for projects promoting 
entrerprise development by and for women. Italian co-operatives have been 
identified as one of the beneficiaries of the fund and have been urged to 
submit funding requests for  relevant projects.

(Source Lega Informazioni No2/97)


Migros Chairman Visits Japan
Jules Kyburz, Chairman of the Board of the Federation of Migros Co-
operatives, the largest retailer in Switzerland, visited Japan at the end of 
1996 to help launch the Japanese version of the book "The Adventure of 
Migros" with a moving speech on the Migros philosophy and history. 
Mr. Kyburz took the opportunity to deepen relationships with the Japanese 
co-ops, visiting the headquarters of JCCU and visiting a han group, Co-op 
Kobe, the largest co-op in Japan, a department store,  a food plant and the 
Co-operative College. Since Migros originally grew from a mobile sales 
business using delivery trucks he was particularly interested in joint purchase 
activities and home delivery services.

(Source Co-op Japan Information, December 96)


Banking on an Historic Year
The Co-operative Bank is celebrating its 125th birthday in 1997, having been 
formed in 1872 as the loan and deposit department of the Co-operative 
Wholesale Society (CWS). The Bank's Annual Report for 1996 should show 
profits of  36.7 million, the best indication that the bank's ethical policy 
based on Co-operative Principles continues to demonstrate that the co-operative 
approach to business can equal success in today's competitive environment. 
The bank has identified seven stakeholder groups in addition to its shareholders/
customers, staff, suppliers, community,  society, past and future generations.

(Source Co-operative News) 

CWS Supports Co-operative College
CWS has placed a major vote of confidence in the Co-operative College by 
pledging to send 1,400 of its executives and senior managers on a special 
course  on  Co-operative Values. The course will explore ways in which 
the Co-operative Identity and Principles can be put into practice while 
improving the society's business. The course follows a senior executives 
conference which was held at the College in January at which the new Chief 
Executive of CWS,  Graham Melmoth, who is also President of ICA, launched 
a handbook entitled "Managing Change Through People".

(Source Co-operative News) 

Journalists Launch Media Agency Co-op
A media agency run on co-operative principles has been launched in the UK 
by four journalists, pooling a range of skills under one roof.

Set up with help from the local Co-operative Development Agency, the co-operative 
Media South West,  aims to offer press, PR and research coverage for Devon and 
Cornwall while operating as a worker's co-op. Services available include writing, 
editing, design, photography, research and consultancy, plus producing publicity 
materials and in-house newspapers for local businesses.

(Source Co-operative News) 


The Value of Co-operation
The 1997 theme of the Co-operative Conference in the USA will be "The Value 
of Co-operation". The National Co-operative Business Association (NCBA), the 
National Co-operative Bank (NCB) and the Co-operative Development Foundation 
(CDF) are collaborating to present value-added opportunities for each organi-
sation's membership during the two-day event to be held in Washington D.C. 
on April 23 and 24. For more information contact  Dianna Vaughan at 
(+1-202) 638 6222 or E-mail 

(Source: Cooperative Business Journal, February 1997)

Future Coop Leaders Programme
NCBA is looking for candidates for the 1997 class of its "Future Coop 
Leaders Program", an educational programme designed to develop co-operative 
leadership in order to build a stronger co-operative Community. The Programme 
provides scholarships for staff, directors and members of co-operatives to attend 
a training and educational event held annually in Washington, DC.  Contact Leta 
Mach at NCBA for further information or send an E-mail to

(Source Co-operative Business Journal, February 1997)