The ICA Board Meeting in Kampala, Uganda (1997)

This document has been made available in electronic
format by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
April, 1997
(Source: ICA News, Issue No.2/1997)

          The ICA Board Meeting in Kampala, Uganda

The ICA Board Meeting in Kampala, Uganda, on April 18-19, 
was not only the first such meeting to be held in East Africa 
but also led to decisions which will have a major impact on the 
forthcoming General Assembly in September. 

ICA President Graham Melmoth, obliged to miss the meeting 
while leading a successful defense against a takeover attempt 
of the Co-operative Wholesale Society in the U.K., informed 
the Board in writing that his heavy domestic commitments had 
"sadly led me to the conclusion that I ought not to stand again 
for the Presidency in September". 

The Board therefore decided to establish an Elections Committee 
consisting of the four regional nominees for Vice-President 
(Lars Hillbom, Roberto Rodrigues, Bernard Wolimbwa, and 
Yang Deshou) and the incumbent members who have decided 
not to seek re-election (Raija Itkonen, Ota Karen, Hasle Nielsen, 
and Graham Melmoth).  The Committee will be responsible for 
reviewing potential candidates and making a recommendation to 
the Board, so that the Board can subsequently make a 
recommendation to the GA in September.  The Elections 
Committee will also encourage candidates for the Board, with 
particular efforts to encourage the nomination of women, and 
will supervise the election procedure in Geneva.

The Board completed its review of the recommendations made 
by the Special Board Committee on Rules and Finance, 
composed of Graham Melmoth, Raija Itkonen, Yehudah Paz, 
and Etienne Pflimlin. The Board decided to recommend to the 
General Assembly a number of rule changes, including an 
increase in the size of the Board from 16 to 20 members;  an 
increase in the maximum national representation at the General 
Assembly from 20 to 25;  the introduction of a new category of 
associate member;  and a provision to co-opt up to four female 
Board members if deemed necessary.  After reviewing possible 
amendments to the subscription formula, the Committee proposed 
not to make any major changes, with the exception of amending 
the formula for housing co-ops, to which the Board agreed. The 
Board approved the ICA's 1996 financial statements, which show
a small surplus, and the 1997 budget, which also projects a small 
surplus.  In addition, the Board approved membership applications 
from 12 organisations.  It reviewed policy papers and approved 
recommendations on three of the ICA's priority areas of activity - 
communications, development and membership services.