ICA Meetings (1997)

This document has been made available in electronic
format by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
April, 1997
(Source: ICA News, Issue No.2/1997)

                                     ICA Meetings

ICA General Assembly News

Some 500 representatives and observers are expected to 
participate in the ICA's biennial General Assembly, which 
will be held in Geneva on September 15-16, 1997, after a 
four-year absence from the ICA's home city.  It was in Geneva 
in 1993 that the current Board was elected, and a feature of 
this year's meeting will be elections for a new Board, including 
President, and Audit and Control Committee.

Member organisations wishing to nominate a candidate for 
election to the Presidency or to the ICA Board should submit 
the name to the ICA Director before 15 June 1997. Candidates 
for President should include a brief statement about their vision 
for the ICA, in addition to the biographical details expected of 
all nominees.

As promised when the ICA Rules underwent a major revision 
at the Tokyo Congress in 1992, they have been subjected to a 
further review during the last two years to see if any 
modifications are needed on the basis of recent experience.  
The proposal being presented to the General Assembly by the 
Board concludes that the new regional structure is generally 
functioning well and requires no major change.  Continued efforts, 
however, are needed to strengthen relations between ICA and the 
Specialised Bodies, and a number of changes are proposed.  A 
new category of associate member is proposed in order to enable 
organisations not able to assume full membership to participate  in 
ICA's global and regional activities.  With a larger Board and General 
Assembly membership (see previous report), it is hoped that the 
representation of regions, sectors, and women will be improved.

A special half-day session on 16 September will focus on the 
global dimension of co-operatives - how they have an opportunity 
to influence important international issues, and how they can better 
collaborate with other allies in the civil society (including farmers' 
associations, trade unions, and mutuals).  

Eleven of the ICA's 15 Specialised Bodies will hold meetings in 
conjunction with the General Assembly.  In the case of the agriculture 
and women's groups, issue-oriented conferences will be held in 
addition to their statutory meetings.  Other meetings include the 
ICA's European Council, a joint Seminar on Networking and 
Distance Learning organised by the HRD and Communications 
Committees and a new "Business Opportunity" luncheon in 
conjunction with the launching of a new sub-committee on 
Communications and Trade.

Member organisations have already received registration and 
hotel information.  Documentation for the G A, printed in the 
next two editions of the ICA Review, will be sent to registered 
participants at the end of June.  Further information is available 
from the ICA Secretariat on request.