ICA Europe Flood Appeal (1997)

This document has been made available in electronic
format by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
June, 1997
(Source: ICA News, Issue No.3/1997- pp.8)

ICA Europe Flood Appeal
ICA Europe is launching an appeal for financial assistance on behalf of
consumer co-operatives in Central and Eastern Europe following the 
severe floods which have claimed many lives and caused widespread 
material damage.

To give an example of the disastrous consequences of the flooding, a faxed
letter from the Union of Czech and Moravian Consumer Co-operatives
based in Prague reports: 

"In this natural calamity, a lot of facilities belonging to the 
Union or respective co-operative organisations were either 
completely or partially damaged. A number of our newly-built 
supermarkets were flooded with water, and all stock and interior 
equipment including recently installed cold-storage technology 
were devastated. Some of the smaller retail shops were just swept 

In Prague, at the Consumer Co-operative Union office, we have been
collecting information on the scope of the damage in particular
regions and we are trying to help in the worst cases, but our 
financial resources are rather limited."

Another appeal reached ICA from the National Co-operative Council of
Poland requesting assistance in any possible form:

"Your help will be a token of the international solidarity of co-
operators....Please remember that the Polish co-operative movement 
is only just in the process of reconstruction after years of planned 
economy and the later period of government hostility and now it has 
been stricken by natural disaster. We need your help - this is the 
moment to substantiate the international solidarity of co-operators." 

ICA Europe is establishing a fund to enable ICA members and readers 
of the ICA News and Review to respond with financial aid for co-ops 
in the devastated area of Europe. By co-ordinating efforts with the
Movement, it should be possible to raise a significant sum and 
ICA Europe will do everything possible to ensure that the money 
goes to those co-operatives in greatest need, both in the Czech 
Republic and elsewhere in the region.

Therefore, a special dollar account has been set up in Geneva.
Please transfer donations in US dollars to:
UBS Geneva Account Number 205 202 60Q; mark your transfer FLOOD
APPEAL. Many thanks for your solidarity.