Development Meetings (1997)

This document has been made available in electronic
format by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
November 1997
(Source: ICA News, Issue No.5/6/1997)

Development Meetings

Development Trust Advisory Board

The first meeting of the Advisory Board met on 18 September when the members, individuals
and representatives of organizations dealing with co-operative development were given an
introduction to the ICA Development Trust before discussing their role and function to
provide guidance on policy, strategy and the direction of the Development Programme to
the Trust Board.

The Advisory Board will meet again in December in Marburg to decide on working methods
and discuss the first draft of a new ICA Development Strategy.

The Advisory Board will discuss key issues facing the ICA Development Trust which will be
incorporated in the new strategy. These include the role of co-operatives in development
strategies, the environment, policy framework and practice, co-operative legislation and
other regulatory frameworks, and new relationship with governments. 

Other issues concern adjustment process and transition, identity and democracy,
leadership and value-based professional management, capital, women and youth, new
structures, new areas of activity and weak apexes/member organisations. These issues will
be reflected in the new development policy/strategy. 

Regional Directors' Meeting
Dates, venues and programmes of regional meetings for 1998 were agreed with themes
reflecting that of the 1999 General Assembly The co-operative challenge for the next
millennium: How to add value to membership. 

A number of other development events are planned in conjunction with the Regional
Assemblies: global members meeting and meetings of regional specialised committees
(Asia/Pacific), Ministerial Conference follow up, Regional Council and regional committee
meetings (Africa), conference on trade blocks, youth conference and sectorial meetings
(the Americas), Development Trust Advisory Board and Regional Directors' meeting