News from the ICA Board (1997)

This document has been made available in electronic
format by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
November 1997
(Source: ICA News, Issue No.5/6/1997)

News from the ICA Board

The ICA Board met on 14  September in Geneva in order to finalise preparations for the
General Assembly. As its first item of new business the Board approved the
recommendations of the Elections Committee, which had met in June in order to deal with
the election of the new ICA President and other election issues.

The Board decided to accept proposals by the Global Women's Committee to remove the
reference to co-options to the Board from the new Rules and amend the proposed
composition of the new Elections Committee.  The Board agreed upon a Resolution
concerning co-option at this General Assembly only, which was subsequently approved by
the General Assembly.

The Board also agreed that TICA (International Co-operative and Associative Tourism
Organisation) should not be removed as an ICA Specialised Organisation, in view of its
claim that it still maintains a separate identity and membership.  This proposal, also
accepted by the General Assembly, brings the total number of ICA Specialised Bodies to

The Board accepted 11 new organisations into membership, ten from the Americas and one
from Sweden, and agreed to reinstate into membership the Mauritius Co-operative Union,
which has succeeded in paying its outstanding dues. 

The Board accepted the end-August finance report, which shows an above-budget projected
year-end surplus in the area of 100,000 Swiss francs as a result of higher-than-expected
General Assembly registrations and investment income. 

The Board received and discussed detailed reports on the implementation of the membership
services strategy, and on gender, which will remain on the Board's agenda for future

Retiring  Members Honoured

In addition to the retiring President, Graham Melmoth, the General Assembly paid tribute
to the other five Board Members who had not sought re-election:  Raija Itkonen of Finland
(the longest-serving Board Member, first elected in 1984), Ota Karen of the Czech
Republic, Holger Hasle Nielsen of Denmark, Hakaru Toyoda of Japan, and Ivano Barberini of

More Women on ICA Board

The elections of Stefania Marcone and Rahaiah Baheran effectively doubled the number of
women on the ICA Board, whose only female representative had been Raija Itkonen of
Finland, who did not seek re-election.  

The General Assembly also approved a resolution from the ICA Board as follows: The ICA
Board proposes that a provisional measure of co-option be accepted at this General
Assembly to ensure that at least one woman per region is included on the Board.  The
Board further recommends that at least one woman be nominated from each region at the
next and subsequent General Assembly elections.  Accordingly, the ICA Board will co-opt a
woman representative from Africa and from the Americas at its next meeting.

Women's Advice Heeded

The Global Women's Committee at its meeting in Geneva, considered the proposal of
amendments to the Rules from a gender perspective.  Unanimously agreeing that the text
proposed for adoption at the General Assembly regarding women's participation did not
reflect the views of women in the movement and more importantly did not take gender
issues into consideration, the committee informed the ICA Board of its concerns.  The ICA
Board, with the help of the Secretary of the Women's Committee, was able to reformulate the text.

New Board Prepares the Future

At a brief meeting following the conclusion of the General Assembly on 16 September, the
newly-elected members of the ICA Board decided to hold a review and planning session in
Mexico City on 18 November, just prior to the Regional Conference of ICA Americas.

In keeping with the decision of the General Assembly, the Vice- Presidents from Africa
and the Americas were asked to present female candidates for co-option to this next Board
Meeting. The regular meetings of the Board in 1998 are scheduled for Japan in April and
France in October.