Special Issue for the General Assembly 1997 (1997)

Geneva International Conference Centre - 
September 15/16, 1997

Draft Agenda

Monday, 15 September

Official Opening
-	G. Melmoth, ICA President
-	M. Schelker, Co-op Switzerland
-	M. Hansenne, ILO Director-Generak
Statutory Business
Reports to the Membership
-	President
-	Audit and Control Committee
-	External Auditors
-	Director-General 
 Discussion and Decisions
Proposed Amendments to the Rules 						
-	Presentation
-	Discussion 
-	Voting

Introduction of Candidates for Board Election
-	President
-	Vice-Presidents
-	Board Members
Introduction of Candidates for Election to  the Audit and Control 

Reports from Regions & Specialised Bodies


Reception  - Musee de l'Auto de Geneve 

Tuesday, 16 September

Special Seminar: The Global Dimension of Co-operatives

Introduction - Dr. Yehudah Paz

Opportunities for Civil Society to work with the United 
Nations system
Opportunities for Co-operatives to work with other civil 
society allies


John Langmore, Dept. of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations, New York
Eddy Laurijssen, International Confederation  of Free Trade Unions, 
Brussels, David King, International Federation of  Agricultural 
Producers, Paris Cyril Ritchie, Federation of International 
Organisations established in Geneva		

Reaction by ICA Member Organisations:

Asia - Korea, Japan
Africa - Senegal
Americas - Brazil
Europe - Sweden
Reaction by Specialised Bodies - 
Agriculture, Housing, Women
Discussion and Conclusion


Voting for Board and Audit & Control Committee

Reports from Regions and SBs (continued)
Future Meetings
Announcement of Election Results

Official Closing


The ICA Global HRD and Communications Committees with the support of the ILO COOPNET
Programme will hold a joint one-day seminar on: 

Overcoming Geographical Barriers Through Electronic 
Networking & 
Distance Learning

We will have experts from a wide range of institutions speaking 
on this subject, and we will also give a demonstration of the 
uses and potential of electronic networking.

The seminar will take place from 9.00 to 17.00 on 17 September in 
Room A, Geneva International Conference Centre (the venue of the 
General Assembly). It is open to General Assembly participants, 
and is particularly intended for people involved in co-operative 
HRD and communications.

If you wish to attend this seminar, please fax/e-mail to the 
following address: Jan-Eirik Imbsen, Deputy Director of Development, +4122 798 41 22,


Business Opportunity Lunch

The chance for meeting other co-operators to discuss mutually 
beneficial ideas will be provided over a sandwich lunch on 
Tuesday 16 September at the General Assembly Conference Centre.

Speakers: Juan Diego Pacheco, Director of the ICA Regional Office for the Americas, has
worked with business activities in the region. Byron Henderson, Director of
Communications at the Centre for the Study of Co-operatives,University of Saskatchewan in
Canada, is working with the ICA Communications Department and is currently organising a
new ICA project on trade and communications.

If this informal discussion lunch is of interest to you, sign up 
at the ICA Registration desk as soon as possible but before 10:30 on 16 September.
Maximum participation is 45 persons.

For further information, you may contact Mats Ahnlund at ICA 
Headquarters (fax +4122 798 41 22 or e-mail members@coop.org).



For the second time in its 102-year history, the ICA will hold 
its main membership meeting, the General Assembly, in Geneva, 
which has been the base for our Head Office since 1982.

In addition to the two-day General Assembly on September 15 and 16, 
eleven of the ICA's 14 Specialised Bodies will hold their own 
executive, plenary, and special meetings, making this the largest 
co-operative gathering ever held in Switzerland's international 
city.  In fact, the rapidly-rising number of General Assembly 
participants, now approaching 600, has required a last-minute shift 
to a larger meeting room in the Geneva International Conference 

The ICA Board and Staff look forward to welcoming our many 
co-operative colleagues to Geneva.  We hope that all will find 
something of interest and value through the sharing of information 
and experiences during these busy days.      

Graham Melmoth							
Bruce Thordarson 

photo: Office du Tourisme

At the end of a fruitful day of meetings, take a little time out 
to visit some of the local sites (Mt. Blanc, United Nations Office 
and Reformation Wall,  amongst many others).

The International Automobile Museum is the Venue of 
the General Assembly Reception on 15 September.

This schedule replaces all others previously issued. Any last minute changes will be
posted in the Conference Centre (CICG)

Please note that  all meeting documentation is included 
in the Review of International Co-operation Vol. 90 No 2 
(Annual Report) and Vol. 90 No 3  1997