World Overview - Asia & the Pacific (1998)

This document has been made available in electronic
format by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
March, 1998
(Source: ICA News, Issue No.1/1998-pp.7)

World Overview - Asia and the Pacific


Facing the Future with Strength
All co-operatives in Indonesia have now been united under one banner
through DEKOPIN, the National Co-operative Council, which has now
become the sole apex organisation in Indonesia. Last July the Indonesian
Government supported the organisation of a regional Asian Pacific Seminar, 
Conference and Trade Exhibition which led to the establishment of the Coop
Business Network (ICBN) with a temporary secretariat in Jakarta. This
was the first step in consolidating the movement in Indonesia. The
establishment of a unique apex is a second step in giving  the movement the
strength it needs to face the threats of the coming 21st Century.

- (Source: Dekopin Dewan Koperasi, December 1997)


Insurance Co-operatives Retain Strong Presence
In spite of the problems being experienced by the Japanese economy,
insurance co-operatives continue to maintain their strong market share.

Taken together, the co-operative insurers in the agricultural, fishery,
forestry, consumer, and co-operative enterprise sectors had 34 percent
of the general insurance policies and 12 percent of the total sum insured
in 1997.  Their number of life insurance policies was 16.6 percent, with
the total sum insured amounting to 17.8 percent.

- (Source: Japanese Co-operative Insurance Association, quoted in the
    Zenrosai Annual Report, 1998)


Subsidiaries for Agricultural Co-operatives
The National Agricultural Co-operative Federation (NACF) of Korea and
ICA organised a joint forum in Seoul during the last week of October 1997
in order to study experiences of agricultural co-operatives in using
subsidiary  companies.

Senior managers from the Netherlands, Germany, Britain, Portugal,
Canada, and Japan described the ways in which subsidiaries can be used
by co-operatives to increase managerial efficiency, provide new services
to members, and access external capital. Participants from Denmark, the
Czech Republic, India, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam also shared their

NACF Chairman and President Churll-Hee Won, newly-elected member
of the ICA Board, stressed that co-operatives must study and introduce the
most appropriate kinds of organisational reform in order to meet the
diversified needs of their members in the face of growing competitive

Copies of the papers presented at the forum are available from Won-Sik
Noh (E-Mail:, Agricultural Adviser at ICA Geneva.


MSU-IIT Co-op Opens 2nd School Site
The MSU-IIT Employees Multi-Purpose Co-operative opened its second
school site at Barangay Upper Hinaplanon in January. 

The co-op school opened its doors to students eleven years ago and today
has a total of 347 pupils with seven faculty and three staff members 1,000
regular members and over 3,000 high school and college associate member-
student depositors.

-(Source:, January 1998)