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June, 1998
(Source: ICA News, Issue No.2/1998, pp.8)

Co-op People

Maricio Garcia, co-operative leader CUDECOOP in Uruguay, died in March 1998 at the age of forty.

The following nominations were announced by Claude Beland, President of the Mouvement des Caisses Desjardins: Renald Boucher became President and Chief Operating Officer of the Confederation des Caisses Populaires et d' economie Desjardins du Quebec, replacing John Harbour; Michel Therien became President and Chief Executive Officer of the Desjardins-Laurentian Financial Corporation succeeding Humberto Santos who had suddenly at the end of 1997.

Jean-Claude Detilleux, President of the Credit Cooperatif (France), took over the presidency of the Groupement National de la Cooperation from Jacques Moreau who had been responsible for the post since 1984. Mr. Moreau has been made Honorary President.

David Dickman, senior executive of the Co-operative Bank in the UK is to be the next Chief Executive of the United Kingdom Co-operative Council. Mr. Dickman will take over the post - on part-time secondment from the bank - from Peter Walker, the present UKCC chief executive, in August. Mr. Walker, has held the post also on secondment from the bank since the launch of UKCC in 1991.

Mario Dumais has resigned as Chairman of the International Co-operative Agricultural Organisation following his departure from Cooperative Federee de Quebec. The ICAO will elect a successor at its meeting in Manila on 28 May.

Ivar Hansen of Norway was elected chairman of the ICA's Audit and Control Committee at the Committee's meeting in Geneva on 15 May. Mr. Hansen, who represents NBBL, the national housing co-operative organisation in Norway, has been a member of the Audit and Control Committee since 1988.

Dr. Ivan Prikryl completed his one-year term as President of the Co-operative Association of the Czech Republic and was succeeded by Petr Brozek, President of the Union of Czech and Moravian Consumer Co-operatives since 1993. Mr. Brozek is also a member of the Executive Committee of the International Consumer Co-operative Organisation (ICCO). Dr. Prikryl continues with his responsibilities as Vice-President of the Co-operative Association of the Czech Republic and President of the Union of Czech and Moravian Housing Co-operatives, ICA Board Member and ICA Housing Executive Member.

Gabriella Sozanski has been appointed Regional Director for Europe following the official opening on 1st January 1998 of ROEP, the ICA Regional Office for Europe.

According to the US Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF) News Release, the following are the four outstanding leaders to receive the 1998 co-operative sector's highest honour, induction onto the Co-operative Hall of Fame: Henry Holloway, R.C. "Dick" Robertson, The Honourable Charles Stenholm, Dick Vilstrup.

Yong Sang Yoo, Vice-President of the Korean Federation of Community Credit Co-operatives (KFCC), was elected Chairman and President of KFCC in February. He succeeds Joon Hyang Yoo who served for three years as Chairman and President of KFCC.