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Specialised Bodies - Agricultural Committee (ICAO) (1998)

August, 1998
(Source: ICA News, Issue No. 3/1998, pp. 7)

Specialised Bodies

Agricultural Committee (ICAO)

The International Co-operative Agricultural Organization (ICAO), one of the specialized organizations of the ICA, held its General Assembly on 28 May at the Philippine International Convention Center in Manila. Twenty delegates from nine countries attended.

ICA President, Roberto Rodrigues, opened the meeting on behalf of Mr. Mario Dumais who had resigned as ICAO President in March. Mr. Rodrigues recommended the nomination of Mr. Churll-Hee Won, the President of National Agricultural Co-operative Federation (NACF) in Korea, for the next President of ICAO and his recommendation was unanimously approved. In his acceptance speech, Mr. Won proposed that ICAO focus its efforts on the expansion of membership, the increase of meeting opportunities among members, the strengthening of relations with UN organizations and NGOs, the exchange of information and experiences among members, and the amendment of ICAO Rules.

Mr. Won appointed Mr. Shil-Kwan Lee, General Manager of NACF International Co-operation Office, as ICAO Secretary, and Mr. Won-Sik Noh, Agricultural Co-operative Advisor of HO as Associate Secretary. The next General Assembly will be held in August 1999 in conjunction with the ICA General Assembly in Quebec, Canada.