1995 Profile: Agricultural Co-operation Throughout the World. Book Review

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                         July, 1996

Source : Review of International Co-operation Vol.89, No
1/1996, 71.

                           BOOK REVIEW
          1995 Profile: Agricultural Co-operation
                    throughout the World
             by Daniel Cote, Ginette Carre et al,
                    September 1995, 107 pages

Despite the notable achievements of the co-operative agri-food
business, surprisingly, no statistical portrait of the world's
agricultural co-operatives has been available until now. The
1995 Profile: Agricultural Co-operation Throughout the World
is intended to fill that gap. It was written at the behest of
the Coop‚rative f‚d‚r‚e de Qu‚bec, which also provided
funding, as did the Federal and Provincial governments, and
the Fondation pour l'‚ducation coop‚rative. The 1995 Profile:
Agricultural Co-operation Throughout the World compiles a
large amount of information on co-operatives in 47 countries.
Particular attention has been paid to members of the OECD, as
well as to the principal agricultural producers across all the
geographical zones of the planet Earth.

The first section of this profile provides the basic
information on the countries documented: how many
co-operatives each has, how many members, and total sales, In
this section, which covers all 47 countries surveyed, a
portrait emerges of co-operation as a major socioeconomic
force, one which has spread to all the continents of the
globe, under all cultural, economic, political, and social
conditions. The second section is a compilation of 24 fact
sheets on countries about which detailed information was
obtained. A study of this scope would not have been possible
without the voluntary participation of a large number of
helpful collaborators, who took the time to send us the
information on their countries. They are listed at the end of
the report.

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