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         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         July, 1996

Source : Review of International Co-operation Vol.89, No
1/1996, 1-2.

                           Table of Contents

Editorial                                              3

Theme for International Co-operative Day               6

President's Message                                    7

Electronic Networking 

The Information Superhighway Opportunities for Co-ops     
by Bruce Thordarson                                         10

Today... and Perhaps Tomorrow (Infography by A. Darmon)     14

Co-ops and the Internet A Virtual Necessity by Mary Treacy  17

The Race Against Marginalisation by Momar Aly Ndiaye        22

When Ingenuity Takes the Upper Hand by V. Menon,            24
A. Goonasekera and V. Labrador

Gender Issues                                               

Strategies for Shared Power between Men and Women in        28
Co-operatives by Katarina Apelqvist

The International Women's Day                               39

The Role of the ICA in the Advancement of Women             42
in Co-operatives by MariaElena Chavez

United Nations                                              52

The International Labour Organization - Co-operative Service72
Over 75 Years by Joe Fazzio and Gabriele Ullrich

Sectorial Information                                         


1995 Profile: Agricultural Co-operation throughout the World. 

An Overview by Ginette Carre and Daniel Cote, HEG Canada    61


1996 Consumer Day Message                                   72


Birth of a New Specialised Body of the ICA in the
Health Sector by Gabriella Sozanski                         73

Co-operative Enterprise in the Health and Social
Care by Michael Stubbs                                      76

Health Care in Eastern and Central European Countries
by Alina Pawlowska                                          82


HABITAT II Conference in Istanbul by Claus
Jurgen Hachmann                                             86

Development and HRD                               

A Development Update by Jan-Eirik Imbsen                    91

Co-operative Management Development Opportunities           95
by Peter Davis


European Regional Assembly - Priorities for
ICA Europe Work Programme 1996 - 1997 by Arsenio Invernizzi100 

Book Reviews

Co-operative Ways of Working (Alina Pawlowska)           103

Co-operatives: Past, Present and Future (Alina Pawlowska)  104

Co-operative Learning: the Collection (Sam Mshiu)        105

Co-operation, Conflict and Consensus by Ian MacPherson 
(Bruce Thordarson)                                       107

The World of Co-operative Enterprise 1996 
(Johnston Birchall)                                      108

Editor: Mary Treacy
Editorial Assistant: Laura Wilcox