Doing Business with Co-operatives in Latin America

This document has been made available in electronic format
     by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA
                     January 1996

  Doing Business with the Co-operatives in Latin America

International Co-operative Alliance Regional Office for the Americas
Series: Already published : Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, Nicaragua, El
Salvador, Uruguay, Costa Rica

Did you know that co-operatives are among the most competitive and
important businesses in Mexico's graphic arts and publishing sector ? That
the largest newspaper of the country with a circulation of 170,000 copies
has a legal status of co-operative ? And that there are co-ops operating at
port and airport facilities ?

When I was told that the Regional Office is about to send me the
information on commercial potentialities of co-operatives in Latin America
I was immediately thinking of computer print-outs tediously listing goods,
prices and addresses.

Well... I was wrong, even very wrong. Instead of badly photocopied
print-outs I received a collection of colorful booklets, carefully printed,
describing co-operatives and the economic milieu in which they operate with
a perfect understanding if not erudition.

Each booklet is intended to be a practical guide for investors, businessmen
and co-operatives interested in learning more about investment options,
especially the numerous opportunities found in the co-operative sector.

Among major topics included are :

*    the most important advantages of beginning relations with
co-operatives in a given country;
*    an overview of the economy, incentives and benefits oriented towards
the promotion of investment and exportation, as well as the most relevant
commercial accords;

*    profiles of the most dynamic sectors and the opportunities with
related co-operatives;

*    how to do business with co-operatives : an explanation of potential

*    general information about the country, its banking system, taxes,
including the fiscal advantages of co-operatives, labour law and political

*    and lastly : a list of key contacts for doing business.

And what if I tell you that all booklets exist in three language versions :
English, Spanish and French? You will probably rush to get  your own copy.
The ROAM with its usual efficiency will be  pleased to provide you with as
many copies as needed for a reasonable price of USD 6.00 each.

Which is not expensive, one must admit, to get a competitive edge over
business partners.

Alina Pawlowska