Director-General's Report

This document has been made available in electronic format
     by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA
                     January 1996

              Director-General's Report

This report will be very brief, because I think that everyone is looking
forward to hearing the President's Report in a few minutes.  And my own
report to the General Assembly is, as well, printed in the ICA's Annual
Report (beginning on page 13 of the yellow pages), and also translated in
the Summary Report.

This meeting, coming two years after our previous General Assembly in
Geneva in 1993, represents the end of a special period in ICA's history.
Tomorrow we will conclude the review of co-operative values and principles
which has involved so many people since 1988.  On behalf of the ICA staff I
would like to thank the two external collaborators who have worked so
closely with us during that period-first, Sven Ake Book, and now Ian
MacPherson.  If we have been able to arrive at at a consensus among so many
different sectors and regions, it is mainly due to the untiring efforts and
patience of Sven Ake and of Ian.

Of course it would have been much easier if a few people had sat down to
re-write the principles, as happened in 1937 and 1966, but I think that
this lengthy exercise in participatory decision-making is quite appropriate
in a diversified membership organisation like the ICA.

Now, of course, our attention must be focussed on the future.  In the ICA's
Annual Report, you will see that almost each section ends with remarks
about future plans.  For example:

-     The study regarding the possible establishment of a Development Trust;

-     The expansion of ICA's electronic networking project;

-     The strengthening of ICA's collaboration with the Specialised

-     The integration of the Co-op Network into the new and evolving
European Region; and

-     The up-coming Board Planning Session designed to review both policy
and administrative issues.

I would like to conclude this mini-report with a personal word of thanks to
all the ICA staff, the ten others in Geneva  and the 56 in the Regional
Offices and Project Offices.  I think they can be proud of their
accomplishments as recorded in the pages of the Annual Report.  And
finally, I know that they join me in expressing sincere thanks and best
wishes to our retiring President.