Global HRD Committee

This document has been made available in electronic format
     by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA
                     January 1996

                Global HRD Committee
                 (formerly INCOTEC)

by Yehudah Paz

Our areas of concern: the place of HRD and education within the ICA
framework presents us with something of a paradox.

On one hand the centrality of and the commitment to HRD and education in
co-operatives has never been more clearly realised and enunciated. This
finds expression in our new identity document and our revised principles;
in the discussions held here at our Centennial Congress and above all in
the growth of HRD and educational activity in our co-operatives - locally,
nationally and regionally and in the ICA.

But on the other hand, and in contrast, INCOTEC has been, in the past few
years, a weak and indeed an almost non-functioning body. It has suffered
from a variety of problems: structural, financial, in terms of personnel
etc. Concern with this paradox was not limited to the small circle of those
directly involved. It was, it appeared, widespread within the ICA - so much
so that, on the basis of a background paper and proposal circulated in
advance of this Congress, the largest group of participants in a plenary
meeting of INCOTEC in the past decade or more gathered together to discuss
the issue. This plenary meeting (which was proceeded by a meeting of the
executive committee) was followed by an equally well attended workshop

The more than 60 participants in the plenary session unanimously agreed -
after full discussion - that HRD and education must continue to be a part
of the ICA's frame of activity and that there is a need for a global focus
for HRD and education within the ICA, which is the global framework for the
world's co-operatives.

They further decided to say farewell to INCOTEC and to formally wind it up.
To establish a new ICA specialised body - the Global HRD Committee. (Thus,
one might speak figuratively of a death followed - virtually
instantaneously - by a rebirth.)

The new Global HRD Committee is envisioned as being broader in scope than
the old INCOTEC. It will include not only education and training
institutions but also all ICA frameworks concerned with HRD - at national,
regional and international levels. It would reach out to other relevant
bodies - such as the COOPNET of the ILO - Co-operative Branch - and seek to
involve them as well.

The Global HRD Committee would seek to serve as a flexible framework
linking all those concerned with HRD, education and training, including
existant  and emerging HRD networks. It will further the exchange of
experience, materials, personnel etc. among its members. It will facilitate
regional networking and will seek to bring the regional networks into
effective contact with each other. It will organise HRD - focused workshops
and discussions at ICA general and regional assemblies. It will conduct -
onece every four years - an ICA international seminar-workshop on
co-operative HRD and education (the first of these will be organised
through and with the International Institute in Israel). The new committee
will be operated on a self-sustaining basis.

The plenary meeting elected a new executive committee which includes some
former executive committee members and some new ones. The Committee
consists of a group of men and women who are prepared to work together to
build a meaningful HRD framework for ICA.

Y. Paz - Chairman
U.A. Aziz - Vice-chairman
F. Shousha - Vice-chairman
T. Nojiri - Vice-chairman
G. Ullrich - Vice-chairman
J.E. Imbsen - Secretary
E. Gicheru - Executive Committee Member
A. Karablein - Executive Committee Member
C.L. Munoz - Executive Committee Member
B.D. Sharma - Executive Committee Member
S. Siafraji - Executive Committee Member

J.E. Imbsen, HRD director of ICA, who was chosen as the secretary, will
serve as the international point of reference for the committee's work. The
first task of the new executive committee is to draw up a work plan for the
coming period - and this task is to be completed within the next few
months. It will then turn to the further consideration of the committee's
structure, framework, finance and scope. Proposals will be laid before the
next plenary meeting of the Global HRD Committee - to be held at the time
of the next general assembly meeting in 1997. At that time elections will
be held as required.

The plenary meeting was very heartened by a most generous offer of
practical support - in terms of facilities and equipment - made by Mr Jose
Espriu of the Espriu Foundation, Spain.

We hope that the ICA will give its blessing to this old-new framework for
what is undoubtedly a central concern for all of us, and that the blessing
of ICA and that of the ICA's members will find expression not only in warm
and welcome sentiments - but in strong and practical support as well.