ICA General Assembly Draft Minutes

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     by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA
                     January 1996

        ICA General Assembly Draft Minutes

        Manchester, 22 - 23 September 1995

Official Business

President Lars Marcus called the General Assembly to order, at 14:30 on 22
September, following the conclusion of the 2-1/2 day Centennial Congress.

The Agenda, as circulated with the meeting papers, was approved.

The Minutes of the 1993 General Assembly, as circulated in the Review of
International Co-operation, Volume 37, Number 1, 1994, were approved.

The Director-General reported that 305 official Representatives of member
organisations had registered for the Congress and General Assembly, out of
a total of 1,219 participants, thereby establishing a quorum.

Reports from the Governing Bodies

Reports on regional activities were presented by:

-    Mitsugu Horiuchi, ICA Vice-President (Asia-Pacific)
-    Roberto Rodrigues, ICA Vice-President (Americas)
-    Bernard Wolimbwa, ICA Alternate Vice-President (Africa)
-    Graham Melmoth, ICA Vice-President (Europe)

Pal Bartus, member of the Audit and Control Committee, presented the
Committee's report, which recommended that the ICA's Financial Statements
for 1993 and 1994 be approved.  Following an intervention by Alexandra
Wilson (Canada), and a clarification from the Deputy Director-General about
the way in which subscription control and penalties are applied.

The report and recommendation were approved.

Director-General's Report

Bruce Thordarson highlighted issues from his written report, contained in
the ICA's Annual Report.  He expressed his appreciation to the ICA staff in
the Head Office and Regional Offices, and on their behalf thanked the
retiring President for his contributions to the Alliance.


President Marcus referred to the presentation he had made at the Opening
Ceremony of Congress, which had traced the evolution of ICA during the 11
years of his presidency.  He expressed his thanks to ICA members, to the
ICA staff, and to his wife.

Elections were then held to fill vacant positions on the Board and on the
Audit and Control Committee.

George Money, Chairman of the Co-operative Union of the U.K., presented the
nomination of Graham Melmoth, Secretary of the Co-operative Wholesale
Society, as President of the ICA.  The nomination was approved without

Taking the chair, Mr. Melmoth paid tribute to Mr. Marcus, to the other
Board members, and to the ICA staff for their significant accomplishments
during recent years.  He said that the ICA Board would hold a planning
session in December in order to discuss future directions.  He emphasised
his view that ICA must be a broadly-based, politically neutral
organisation.  The President expressed his thanks to the ICA members for
their confidence.

The President then introduced the nominees for Vice-President, as decided
by the Regional Assemblies.  The General Assembly formally elected:

-    Hakaru Toyoda, President of the Central Union of Agricultural
Co-operatives in Japan, as ICA Vice-President (Asia-Pacific);
-    Bernard Wolimbwa, Chairman of the Uganda Co-operative Alliance, as ICA
Vice-President (Africa); and
-    Lars Hillbom, Senior Vice-President of KF, Sweden, as ICA
Vice-President (Europe).

The President introduced Claude Beland, President of the Desjardins
Movement, who had been nominated by the ICA's two Canadian members.  Mr.
Beland was elected to the Board.

Mr. Melmoth presented awards of appreciation to the retiring Board members:
Lars Marcus, Leroy Larsen, Mitsugu Horiuchi, and Momodou Dibba (in

The President reminded delegates that Wilhelm Kaltenborn, member of the
Executive Board of VdK, Germany, had been nominated to fill the vacancy on
the Audit and Control Committee caused by the retirement of Frank
Dahrendorf.  Mr. Kaltenborn was elected.

The President then adjourned the meeting.

Guest Presentation

The General Assembly resumed at 09:30 on 23 September.   President Melmoth
introduced Pauline Green, leader of the socialist group in the European
Parliament, who addressed the meeting.

Reports from the Specialised Bodies

The following representatives of the Specialised Bodies reported on their
recent activities:

-    Fisheries Committee - Shoji Uemura, Chairman
-    Agriculture Committee - Roberto Rodrigues, the outgoing Chairman, who
introduced the newly-elected Chairman, Mario Dumais from Canada
-    CICOPA - Yves Régis, Chairman
-    Consumer Committee - M. Ohya, Vice-Chairman
-    Housing Committee - Rolf Trodin, Chairman
-    International Co-operative Banking Association - Claude Beland,
Chairman, who paid tribute to Terry Thomas, who had retired after seven
years as Chairman
-    International Co-operative and Mutual Insurance Federation
-    Hans Dahlberg, Chief Executive
-    INTER-COOP - Steinar Sivertsen, Chairman
-    International Co-operative and Associated Tourism Organisation -
Michael Grindrod, Chairman
-    Communications Committee - Iain Williamson, Vice-Chairman
-    Research Committee - Sven Ake Book, outgoing Chairman, who introduced
the new Chairman, Roger Spear from Britain
-    INCOTEC - Yehudah Paz, who reported that the members' meeting had
decided to disband INCOTEC and to establish a new ICA Committee on Human
Resource Development, of which he had been elected Chairman
-    Women's Committee - Katarina Apelqvist, Chairperson, who reported that
the Committee's name had been changed to "ICA Global Women's Committee"

Dr. S. Kato, Chairman of the Medical Committee of the Japanese Consumers'
Co-operative Union, reported on the Co-operative Health and Social Care
Forum, which had met in Manchester on 18 September, and which had decided
to establish a steering committee with a view to creating a new ICA
Specialised Body.

President Melmoth thanked the Specialised Bodies for their reports, and
said that the proposal to establish a new Specialised Body would be
carefully examined by the Board.


The President referred to the discussion which had already taken place
during the Congress concerning the Board Resolution and the Statement on
the Co-operative Identity.  The Board's views had been contained in a
memorandum distributed to participants, dated 18 September. A listing of
additional amendments was distributed. Natsuko Yuasa of JCCU spoke in
favour of an amendment to retain the reference to "cultural needs and
aspirations" in the definition of a co-operative.  The Representatives
agreed to accept the Resolution presented by the Board, as well as the
amended version of the Co-operative Identity Statement (Annexes 1 and 2).

The Resolution presented by the Board regarding the second Congress theme,
Sustainable Human Development, having been extensively discussed during the
Congress, was also approved (Annex 3).

Per-Olof Jonsson of Sweden spoke in favour of the amendment proposed by
JCCU regarding the Resolution on Co-operative Democracy.  The amended
Resolution was approved (Annex 4).

The President of JCCU, S. Takemoto, spoke in favour of the Resolution on
Peace, which was also approved (Annex 5).

Raija Itkonen, ICA Board member from Finland, spoke in favour of the
Resolution on Gender Equality in Co-operatives, submitted by ICA Europe,
which was approved (Annex 6).

The resolutions submitted by the National Co-operative Business Association
of the USA, regarding Strategic Alliances and Lars Marcus, were also
approved  (Annexes 7 and 8).

Any Other Business
The President reported that the Board had received an invitation from
Yehudah Paz, on behalf of the co-operative movement in Israel, to hold the
1997 General Assembly in Tel Aviv.  The invitation was accepted.

There being no other business, the President thanked the members and staff
of the Congress Organising Committee, the participants, the interpreters,
and the ICA staff, and closed the General Assembly.