Table of Contents

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     by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA
                     January 1996

        Review of International Co-operation
             Volume 88 Number 4, 1995

Table of Contents

*Opening Ceremony

*The ICA- What it is and What it has done

*Co-operative Principles

*Joint Project on Participatory Democracy

*Youth and Co-operation - Present and Future

*The International Co-operative Research Forum

*Co-operatives and Sustainable Human Development

*Workshop for Young Journalists

*ICA General Assembly: Reports of the Vice-Presidents

     -Report of the Vice-President for the Americas

     -Report of the Vice-President for Asia and the Pacific

     -Report of the Vice-President for Africa

     -Report of the Vice-President for Europe

*Report of the Audit & Control Committee

*Director-General's Report

*Farewell Remarks by ICA President Lars Marcus

*New ICA President's Address


*Global HRD Committee

*ICA General Assembly Draft Minutes


     -Resolution on Co-operative Identity

     -Resolutions on Co-operatives and Sustainable Human

     -Resolution on Participatory Democracy in the
      Co-operative Movement

     -Resolution on Peace

     -Resolution on Gender Equality in Co-operatives

     -Resolution on Strategic Alliances

     -Resolution on Lars Marcus

*Interview with the New ICA President

*Best Wishes to the President of the ICA

*Letters to the Editor

     -"Yes, But..."

     -The Social Economy: A Reply to Dr. Wulker

     -The Social Economy: A Reply to Dr. Wulker

*Book Reviews

     -Reinventing the Co-operative

     -Doing Business with Co-operatives in Latin America

     -Chances of Co-operatives in the Future

     -Cooperativismo Latino Americano en Cifras 1995

     -The ICA During War and Peace 1910-1950

*Statement on the Co-operative Identity