Call for Papers (1996)

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         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         July, 1996

          (Source: Review of International Co-operation,
          Vol.89, No.2/1996, p.82-83)

       International Co-operative Research Conference on
            Co-operative Innovation and Change
                       Tartu, Estonia
                    26-29 September 1996

                         CALL FOR PAPERS

Most types of co-operatives all over the world are going
through a period of enormous change.  The forces of change are
both external: changing economic and  political systems in the
co-operatives' environment, and internal: the changing needs
and values of the co-operatives' corpus of  members, and of
the organizations themselves. The parameters of change and the
responses to the forces of change vary from country to
country, from one co-operative movement to another, and from
one sector to another. These issues are throwing up
co-operative winners and losers at an alarming rate, and
researchers have a vital role in drawing out the theoretical
and practical lessons. 

Themes that emerge from the study of these issues include:

-    The changing conditions of co-operation (new market
     relations, post-communist transition,
     internationalization, etc)

-    Strategies for coping with the changing  world, and for
     coping with internal organizational change 

-    Innovation as a response to change (new  types of co-ops,
     new initiatives in old co-ops, new ways of managing and
     empowering staff and members)

-    Organisational learning and the management of change 
     (the methods and processes used by management to
     effectively change their organisations and the impact on
     member participation and involvement)

-    Co-operative renewal (how are co-ops regenerating,
     sustaining membership,restructuring, improving corporate

This Conference is being organised with the Assistance of The
Academic Society for Co-operative Studies, Estonia Organising
Committee: Yohanan Stryjan, Stockholm School of Business,
Prof. Walter Krinal, Prof. Henn Elmet, Academic Society, Lea
Sudokova, MAI, and Roger Spear, Open University.

Conference Fees:  we try to keep costs to a minimum to ensure
good participation of researchers. We anticipate a conference
fee of USD 250, which includes registration, accommodation for
3 nights and meals.

Please submit 1 page abstracts to Roger Spear (fax:
44-1908-652175; e-mail: R.G.SPEAR@OPEN.AC.UK) or contact
Yohanan Stryjan for enquiries (e-mail:,internet:
fax: 468153054)

               European Research Conference on 
       Labour Markets, Unemployment and Co-operatives
                    Budapest, Hungary 
                    27-28 October 1996

                      CALL FOR PAPERS

This conference which is being organised with the Assistance
of The Co-operative Research Institute of Budapest, is to be
run in conjunction with the ICA Regional Meeting in Budapest
towards the end of October. The conference is concerned with
the serious and deteriorating problem of unemployment in
Western, Central and Eastern Europe, and in particular how an
understanding of labour markets and innovative approaches to
employment creation can ameliorate the situation. While much
labour market policy is based on state intervention, this
workshop/conference is distinctive in aiming to analyse and
develop radical labour market policy,with coordinated
multi-level support, and active involvement of
Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO's) and co-operatives.  

The following themes are emphasised:

-    Labour market statistics and analyses (nationally and

-    Labour market exclusion (women, young people) and

-    Effective education and training policies

-    Active policies on social insertion

-    The role of co-operatives and NGOs in employment creation

-    Proximity services (closely linked consumer/users and

Organising Committee: Prof. Isabel Vidal, University of
Barcelona,  Laczo Ferenc, Co-op Research Institute, Budapest,
Roger Spear, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK.  

Conference fees will be kept to a minimum. The coordinating
committee is exploring ways of publishing papers presented. 
One page abstracts should be sent to Prof. Vidal at the
address below.  There may be the possibility of travel
subsidies for early and needy applicants. 

Please contact : Prof. Isabel Vidal, Escola Universitaria
Estudis Empresarials, Universitat de Barcelona, Diagonal 696,
08034 Barcelona,  tel: 34 3 4024463, fax: 34 3 4024473 e-mail:

It is an aim of the meeting to establish a joint research
agenda and continuing collaborative and comparative research
amongst participants, leading to more effective and innovative
policy. For further information on the two Conferences or to
register please contact Alina Pawlowska at the ICA Head Office
in Geneva.