Table of Contents (ICA Review Vol. 89 No. 2, 1996)

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TITLE:    Table of Contents (1996)

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     (Source: Review of International Co-operation, Vol.89,
      No.2/1996, p.1)



A Study of Educational Processes in a Co-operative 
by Gurli Jakobsen

The Dilemma of Co-operatives in Africa
by Calvin M. Kangara

Women in Co-operatives: A Canadian Perspective 
by Lou Hammond Ketilson

Development Perspectives of the Movement in Poland
by Marian G. Brodzinski

Repositioning the Registrar of Co-op Societies
in South Asia by Krishnan K. Taimni

The Role of Ideology and Organisation in the
ICA's Survival between 1910-1950 by Rita Rhodes

The Internationalization of Member-owned Firms
by Peter Normark

The Decline and Fall of Konsum Austria
by Robert Schediwy

Restructuring Consumer Co-ops and Co-op Principles
by Akira Kurimoto

Competing with Concepts: A Note on Co-operators,
Corporate Strategy and Computer Fads by Yohanan Stryjan

Meeting Notices

Co-operative Day Messages

Book Reviews of Recent ICA Publications

(This special issue of the Review is a collaborative effort
with the ICA Research Committee. This Committee is a rich
source of information of interest to co-operative leaders
worldwide and this issue aims to give its members a medium
through which they can make their work more widely known at an
international level. We hope it will be the first of many
joint publications.)

(Editor: Mary Treacy, Editorial Assistant: Lmura Wilcox, Guest
Editor: Roger Spear)