Editorial (1996)

    This document has been made available in electronic format
         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         December, 1996
          (Source: Review of International Co-operation
                    Vol.89, No.4/1996, pp.3-4)


1996 has been another year of changes following a successful
Centennial Congress in Manchester. The organisation is evolving
rapidly to keep pace with its growing membership and diverse
needs. Changes taking place over the past decade have meant that
the ICA and its members have had to combine efforts to reposition
the co-operative model within new economic, political, social and
commercial realities,  both at the international and national
level. For example, the ICA interceded with national governments 
on behalf of the movements in the newly emerging economies of
East and Central Europe at the express request of its members.
The fast growing membership areas of Asia and the Pacific and the
Americas have required in some cases a sectorial,  and in others
a business oriented approach, and the ICA offices in these
regions have continued to adapt and respond to member
requirements in these Continents. In Africa, the need for
co-operative development is pressing and the ICA is responding
by creating partnerships with a variety of organisations.

The ICA Secretariat in Geneva has been enlarged to respond to the
increasing requirements of its members with the addition of two
new posts, that of Development Director which will be filled by
Bjorn Genberg from the Swedish Co-operative Centre,  and that of
Senior Adviser which has been filled by Mats Ahnlund, former
Director of Co-op Network, and the secondment of Won-Sik Noh from

NACF in South Korea to work on agricultural matters.

The Communications Programme has also changed over the past years
to respond to new opportunities and the challenges of the coming
millennium. We have tried to reflect the changing environment
through the choice of themes covered in the Review of
International Co-operation. However, budgetary constraints which
require the Review to report to members on ICA activities and
meetings means that several issues have to be dedicated to ICA
matters. For example, this Review covers the European Regional
Assembly which was held in Hungary in October this year,
including also one of the papers presented at the Communications
Seminar organised at the same time by ICA's Communications
Committee. For this reason we decided this year to reserve one
issue for the Research Committee so that readers can take
advantage of a selection of the best papers presented in this
forum, reflecting the most pressing concerns of the movement as
it heads towards the new century. This collaboration was a great
success and will be repeated in future years. The ICA also has
the intention of setting up an Editorial Advisory Board to advise
the Editor and suggest themes and authors and specific papers.

The Review of International Co-operation  is also published on
the ICA World Wide Web Site and on the Co-operative Gopher at the
University of Wisconsin. 

The ICA has taken advantage of the opportunities provided by the
Internet, particularly the World Wide Web, to reach a wider
audience through the electronic publication of promotional
materials, documents of historical relevance, publications and
research papers.

In 1996 the ICA News  was also published in a Spanish Edition
which along with the Spanish version of the Review is available
from Intercoop Editora Cooperative Ltda in Buenos Aires,

In 1997 efforts will continue to increase the number of languages
offered through the publication of a French version of ICA News,
with a French version of the Review scheduled for 1998.

Readers' views are always welcome by addressing a fax to the
Editor at the following number (+41 22 798 41 22) or by mail or
E-mail to treacy@coop.org

Please visit also the ICA Web Site at http://www.coop.org. 
Feedback on the site has been extremely positive and encouraging
as it is considered to be "an endless source of information to
those of us who are hooked on co-operatives", as recently
expressed by an Education Consultant to Co-operatives in Canada.
Readers' views on the further development of this site would be
welcome as would the contribution of pages or documents for the
ICA/UWCC Co-operative Gopher, which can be viewed by visiting:
gopher://wiscinfo.edu:70/11/.info-source/.coop .

We hope our readers will be particularly active in 1997.

The ICA Director-General and his colleagues would like to take
this opportunity to wish readers of the Review of International
Co-operation a Happy New Year!