Table of Contents (1996)

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         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         December, 1996
          (Source: Review of International Co-operation
                         Vol.89, No.4/1996)



Minutes of Regional Assembly in Budapest 

Statement of the Regional Assembly for Europe on Corporate
Governance and Management Control Systems in European

Corporate Governance &  Management  Control Systems 
     The Experience of Consumer Co-ops in Italy by Ivano

     The Hungarian Perspective by Pal Bartus

     My Views on Co-operative Corporate Governance by Raija

     The Auditor's Responsibilities  by Andreas Nicolaisen

     Technical and Democratic Supervision in European
     Co-operative Banks by Etienne Pflimlin

     Governance Issues Seen from a  Management Perspective 
     by Steinar Sivertsen

     General Trends, Findings & Recommendations by Moira Lees
     and Reimer Volkers

East-West Collaboration
     Report of the Working Group on East-West Collaboration of 
     ICA Europe by Dr. Hans-Detlef Wulker

     Harnessing the Collective Genius of People to Create the
     Results they Truly Desire by Zahid Qureshi

Book Reviews
     Co-operation Works! by E. G. Nadeau and David J. Thompson 
     (Rod Nilsestuen)

     Report on the Regional Seminar on Housing Co-operatives, 
     Kuala Lumpur, ICA ROAP (Alina Pawlowska)

     ICMIF Member Directory (AP)

     Regional Consultation on "Co-operatives in a Changing
     Socio-Economic Environment" in the Asia-Pacific Region, ICA
     ROAP (AP)

     Report of the ICA ROAP Sub-Regional Workshops on 
     Gender Integration in Co-operatives, ICA ROAP (AP)

     Report of the 3rd ICA-NACF Regional Seminar on Agricultural

     Co-operative Business Development with Special Reference 
     to Korean Experience, ICA ROAP (AP)

     Conferencia Regional 95 - Alianzas Estrategicas
     Cooperativas - Para ser Competitivos Todos, ICA ROAM (AP) 

     Guia de Reconversion Productiva Para Empresas Coopeerativas
     de Produccion

     Anuario de Estudios Cooperativos - Lankidetzako Ikaskuntzen
     Urtekaria 1995, (AP)

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