ICA Communications Committee (ICACC) (1997)

This document has been made available in electronic format
by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
July, 1997
(Source: ICA Review, Vol.90 No.2 - Annual Report 1996-1997, pp.63-66)

ICA Communications Committee (ICACC)
Report by Poul Dines/Iain Williamson/Mary Treacy

Executive Committee
Chairman:	Poul Dines (Denmark)
Vice-Chairman:	Iain Williamson (UK)
Secretary:	Mary Treacy (ICA)
Members:	Kamal Hamdy Aboul Kheir (Egypt); Tony Luscombe (UK); 
Zahid Qureshi (ICMIF); Denis Tzarevcan (France).

The Committee is a small active group with 15 members from 14 
organisations in 9 countries. The Committee's Rules have recently 
been changed to allow individuals who work for organisations and
universities promoting co-operatives but not in membership of ICA to join.
A mail vote is being organised to chose the new Executive as a plenary
meeting is not being held at the time of the General Assembly. The new 
rules will also be approved by mail vote.

Meetings and Activities
The ICACC held a plenary meeting followed by a seminar on 
"Co-operative Image in the Year 2,000" in Budapest in October 1996. 
The Seminar addressed four issues: Using television to enhance the co-op 
image, with keynote speaker Andrew Booth, Director of World Television(UK); 
Harnessing the collective genius of people to create the results they truly desire, with keynote speaker Zahid Quereshi of ICMIF; Strengthening community 
identity among international organizations using electronic networks, with
keynote speaker Byron Henderson of the Center for the Study of Co-operatives 
at Saskatchewan University; and Reflections on the desk-top publishing revolution, with Iain Williamson, Information Manager of the Co-op Union (UK) as 
keynote speaker.  An executive  meeting  was held in Copenhagen in May 1997. 
The ICACC will hold an executive meeting in Geneva this September as 
well as a meeting of the Sub-Committee on Communications and Trade 
and a Joint Seminar with the HRD Committee on overcoming geographical
barriers through electronic networking and distance learning. 

Besides the organisation of seminars, the ICACC has been engaged in plans for forthcoming events: a Workshop for Journalists from East, Central and Southern Africa will be held in 1998, and the setting up of two sub-groups to address questions brought about by the rapid development of communication technology, in collaboration with Byron Henderson of the University of Saskatchewan Center for the Study of Co-operatives: the first on Communications and Trade and the second on Communications Technology and Co-operatives Education.