International Co-op Fisheries Organization (ICFO) (1997)

This document has been made available in electronic format
by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
July, 1997
(Source: ICA Review, Vol.90 No.2 - Annual Report 1996-1997, pp.43-44)

International Co-operative Fisheries Organisation 1996/1997
Report by Shoji Uemura/Giichi Suzuki/Masaaki Sato

Executive Committee
Chairman:	Shoji Uemura (Japan)
Vice-Chairman:	Maurice Benoish (France); Park Jong Sik (Rep. of Korea); 
Subhash Chandra (India); Dr. Antal Csoma (Hungary)
Members:	Benedikt Sveinsson (Iceland); Narong Chuprakop (Thailand); 
Shahabudin Shafie (Malaysia) 
Auditors:	H.Eddiwan (Indonesia); M.C.Merril Perera (Sri Lanka)

In 1997, there are 27 member organisations from 23 countries

The International Co-operative Fisheries Organisation (better known as ICA 
Fisheries Committee) organized its plenary meetings of 1996 and 1997 as follows.

The Plenary Meeting of 1996 was held at ANGKASA (National 
Co-operative Organisation of Malaysia), Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 
on 11 June 1996. It was attended by 15 co-operators from eight 
member organisations of seven countries. Prior to the Plenary Meeting

The Plenary Meeting of 1997 is scheduled for 17 September 1997 at 
UNESCO, Geneva, Switzerland. It will be preceded by an Executive
Meeting in the morning of  the same day.

Education and Training Activities 
One of the main activities of the Committee is to organise 
seminars/workshops on fisheries co-operatives in developing countries.

In 1996, the Committee organised a seminar on leadership development
in the fisheries Co-operative sector in Budapest, Hungary from 
23 to 26 September 1996.

In 1997, the Committee organised a seminar on leadership development
in the fisheries Co-operative sector in Cirebon, Indonesia during 
31 March to 4 April 1997.

The Educational activity plan for fiscal year 1997 will be reconfirmed at
the Plenary Meeting to be held on 17 September in Geneva, Switzerland.

Future Directions
At the Plenary Meeting of the Committee held in Malaysia in June 1996,
it was agreed that consideration be given to planning the Second 
International Conference on Fishermen's Co-operatives. However, the
conclusion among the participants on this agenda was that it was still 
at a premature stage.  Thus, this agenda will be discussed again in Geneva, 
Switzerland in September 1997, when the Committee meets again. 

1. Co-operative Principles:
The seven new Co-operative Principles, or Co-operative Identity Statement
as adopted in Manchester in 1995 have been circulated to member 
organisations. The implementation of the Identity Statement is typically 
represented by putting emphasis on the new seventh principle, i.e. concern 
for Community wherein various activities centered on environmental 
conservation are being promoted by some member organisations. 

2. Reaction to the decentralization of ICA:
The decentralisation process of ICA has brought Fisheries Committee 
member organisations closer to ICA regional offices for further collaboration. 
However, the methodology of how linkage between ICA headquarters, 
regional offices and Fisheries Committee organisations should be 
strengthened needs to be  worked out so as to benefit as many members 
as possible through the ICA network.