International Co-operative and Associative Tourism Organization (TICA) (1997)

This document has been made available in electronic format
by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
July, 1997
(Source: ICA Review, Vol.90 No.2 - Annual Report 1996-1997, pp.54-55)

International Co-operative and Associative
Tourism Organisation (TICA) 1996/1997
Report by Michael Grindrod/Raymond Stelandre	

Executive Committee
Chairman: 		Michael Grindrod (UK)
Vice-Chairman: 	Mauritizio Davolio (Italy)
Secretary General:	Raymond Stolandre (Belgium)

Members: 		Ole Andresen (Denmark); Jia Minsheng (China) 
Hon. President: 	Andre Guignand (France)

The TICA annual Commercial Workshop and General Assembly were
held in Montreal in conjunction with the General Assembly of Bureau 
International du Tourisme Social (BITS) in September 1996.

Protocol of association with BITS
Discussion took place on the mechanism for the merger of TICA and BITS. 
Mr. Grindrod reported that discussions had taken place between TICA and 
ICA regarding the relationship after the merger with BITS. He explained 
that ICA was now forming itself very much on a regional basis, and as part 
of this process, had conducted a review of its Specialised Committees. They 
had concluded that it was necessary to discontinue a number of these Committees, 
which have met only at the ICA Congress and made no contribution between 
Congresses. TICA received a letter from the President of the ICA which stated 
that in view of its merger with BITS, it had been decided that it should no longer be a Specialised Committee of ICA, but was invited to maintain close contact.  If ICA received requests from emerging Co-op tourist organisations for
information, advice, etc., they would continue to pass these on to the 
newly merged BITS/TICA organisation.

Members expressed their concern that a positive liaison should be maintained 
with the ICA and that if in the future TICA membership and interest 
developed positively, a more formal relationship should be re-established. 
It was strongly felt that the co-operative sector should not divorce itself 
from one of the most important sectors of the global economy. 

The General Assembly ratified the Protocol of Agreement with BITS and 
delegated authority for implementation of the proposals.

At the same time as the BITS General Assembly, all delegates adopted 
the Montreal Declaration of BITS.

"Towards a Human and Social Vision of Tourism"


1. High ideals in the face of discrimination and the challenge of integration

2. Social tourism: its strengths for the future
	-to shape society
	-to promote economic growth
	-to participate in the land management debate
	-to partner in global development programmes

3. Criteria for a definition of social tourism

Additional copies of the Montreal Declaration may be obtained from 
BITS secretariat office at the following address: BITS, 63, rue de la Loi, 
1040 Bruxelles, Belgium.

Next meeting of TICA
General Assembly and Workshop: Paris in September 1997