International Co-operative Agriculture Organization (1997)

This document has been made available in electronic format
by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
July, 1997
(Source: ICA Review, Vol.90 No.2 - Annual Report 1996-1997, pp.35-36)

Report of the International Co-operative Agricultural
Organisation (ICAO)
by Mario Dumais/Gordon Pugh

Executive Committee
President:	Mario Dumais (Canada)

Secretary:	Gordon Pugh (Canada)

Vice-Presidents:	Africa: Mohamed Idris (Egypt), Europe: 
Jan Fencl (Czech Republic), Asia Pacific: Churll-Hee Won (Korea), 
Americas Dejandir Dalpasquale (Brazil)

Members: 	Brij Bhadu (India), Villam Bosiak (Slovakia), Mario Campli (Italy), 
Costain Chilala (Zambia), Horvath Gabor (Hungary), Jacques Gaudinat (Belgium), 
Ron Gollehon (United States), Nai-Soo Lee (Korea), Cyril Moraveik (Slovak Republic), 
Holger Hasle
The ICAO will hold a General Assembly in Rome in November 1996, 
in conjunction with the World Food Summit organized by the UN Food 
and Agriculture Organisation.

The Executive Committee and the General Assembly of the Organisation 
met once during 1996-97. Those meetings took place in Rome, Italy on
11 November 1996 in conjunction with the World Food Summit organised
by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. 

The General Assembly began with a review of Italian agriculture, and 
of the role of Co-operatives in Italian agriculture, by Mr. Mario Campli 
of the Lega Nazionale Cooperative e Mutue (the host organisation for the Assembly).

The focus of the General Assembly was the development of the ICA/ICAO 
intervention at the World Food Summit. In this context, a good deal of
effort was expended in drafting and refining the Statement that was delivered 
at the Summit. This debate and discussion leading to the development of the 
statement was assisted by presentation by FAO staff members regarding both
the week's events and the follow-up actions required to implement the 
Summit's recommendations. 

One of the key messages of the statement was that agriculture has done a
very good job in feeding the world: in the last twenty years the world's 
population has doubled and yet the number of people deemed to be underfed 
has actually decreased. Co-operatives have played a key role in this success story. 

Each of the regional committees (Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia) presented 
reports of activities for the preceding year and plans for the coming year.

The Executive Committee meeting was dominated by Administrative issues. 
It was led off by a Financial Report by the Secretary. This was followed by 
a discussion of a proposal for a new subscription policy for the ICAO. The 
proposal was that contributions be fixed as follows: 1,500 Swiss Francs for 
developed countries, 1,000 Francs for countries in transition and 500 Francs 
for less developed countries.  The classification of countries would be based 
upon the norms established by International Organisations such as the UN.  
This discussion was followed by a review of the ICAO's regional structure.  

The meeting concluded with a discussion of a proposed seminar, to be held in 
September of 1997, on co-operation in the area of agricultural inputs. 
Widespread support was expressed for the proposal and the President was 
encouraged to proceed with the organsation of the event.  The president suggested that the seminar would likely be held in conjunction with the ICA's General Assembly in Geneva in mid-September of 1997.