ICA Elections (1997)

This document has been made available in electronic format
by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
June, 1997
(Source: ICA Review, Vol.90 No.3, 1997)

ICA Elections

Members of the ICA Board, and of the Audit and Control 
Committee, were elected at the 1993 General Assembly 
for a four-year term.  Their mandates (as well as those of 
replacements elected to succeed members who retired) 
expire at the time of the 1997 General Assembly.

According to the ICA Rules, member organisations may 
nominate candidates for election as President, and for 
election as Board members.  Nominations must be submitted 
at least three months prior to the General Assembly--that is, 
by 15 June 1997.  

Nominees for Vice-President are elected by the
Regional Assemblies, subject to ratification by the 
General Assembly.

The Rules also provide that the General Assembly 
shall elect from among its member representatives an 
Audit and Control Committee consisting of at least three 
and not more than five members.

A list of nominees submitted as of 15 June is circulated to 
General Assembly participants along with this printed 
documentation.  The Rules also allow for the submission 
of emergency nominations at a later date. A final list will 
be circulated to participants in Geneva.

A particular feature of the 1997 General Assembly is 
that the Board is proposing to the General Assembly 
that the size of the Board be increased in future from 
16 to 20 members (one President, four Vice-Presidents, 
and 15 others).  If this proposal is approved by the General 
Assembly on 15 September, the election on 16 September 
will be held under the terms of the new Rules--that is, to 
elect a Board of 20 members.

The Board has also established an Elections Committee 
for the 1997 General Assembly.  Its members are the four 
nominees for Vice-President as well as the incumbent 
Board members who are not standing for re-election.  The 
mandate of the Committee is to encourage nominations as 
needed, to monitor the election procedure, and to recommend 
to the Board a candidate for election as ICA President so that 
the Board may also make a recommendation to the General 

The elections will be held by secret ballot on the afternoon 
of Tuesday, 16 September.  Each member organisation 
is entitled to one voting representative, and to one additional 
voting representative for each additional 5,000 Swiss francs 
of subscription payment above the minimum amount.  Members 
have the right to entrust all their votes to one or more 
representatives, provided that no representative shall hold 
more than ten votes.  Results of the elections will be announced 
prior to adjournment of the General Assembly.