Proposed Amendments - ICA Rules and Procedures (1997)

This document has been made available in electronic format
by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
June, 1997
(Source: ICA Review, Vol.90 No.3, 1997)

                           Proposed Amendments 
                          ICA Rules & Procedures

At its planning session in December 1995, the ICA Board
decided that it would be desirable to review the ICA 
Rules and the ICA Policies, Procedures and Standing Orders.  
When the present Rules, incorporating the new ICA structure, 
were approved in Tokyo in 1992, it was recognised that they 
should be reviewed after a few years in order to determine if 
any modifications were necessary.  The General Assembly 
is also required by the Rules to review the subscription 
formula every four years.  

Accordingly, the Board appointed a Special Board Committee 
on Rules and Finance, consisting of Graham Melmoth, Raija 
Itkonen, Yehudah Paz, and Etienne Pflimlin, with the mandate 
to recommend to the Board any changes which they deemed 
desirable in the Rules and Procedures, including the Subscription 

The Committee, assisted by the ICA Director-General and 
Deputy Director-General, met in March, June, and September 
of 1996, and again in February 1997.  Interim reports were 
presented to the ICA Board in June and October of 1996.  
The Committee's final proposals were presented to the ICA 
Board in April 1997.

The proposed amendments are being submitted by the Board 
to the General Assembly, which has the right to amend the 
Rules and Procedures "by a majority of two-thirds of the 
votes represented" (Article 15e).  While many are of a house-
keeping nature, others are more substantive. 

The following are the major changes being proposed by 
the Board:

Article 2. Objects
It is proposed to add to the objects of the ICA: to promote 
sustainable human development and to promote equality 
between men and women in all decision-making and activities 
within the co- operative movement.

Article 5. Co-operative Principles
It is proposed to replace the previous principles, as approved 
in 1966, with the ICA Statement on the Co-operative Identity, 
as approved by the General Assembly of the ICA in 1995.

Article 6. Eligibility
It is proposed to introduce a category of associate member, 
without voting rights.

Article 14. General Assembly
It is proposed to increase the maximum number of representatives 
from any one country from 20 to 25.

Article 17. Board
It is proposed to increase the number of Board members from 
16 to 20 in order to improve regional and sectoral representation, 
and to allow the Board to co-opt a maximum of four women 
to the Board if, following elections at the General Assembly, 
the Board deems that the representation of women is inadequate.

Article 18. Powers of the Board
It is proposed that the Board have the power to approve and 
monitor the ICA budget (instead of to propose the budget to 
the General Assembly), and to appoint, and receive annual 
reports from, the Auditor of the ICA (instead of this power 
resting with the Audit and Control Committee).

Article 21. Vice-Presidents
It is proposed to add a new Article which recognises the 
Vice-Presidents as ICA Authorities and sets out their 

Article 24. Specialised Organisations and Committees
It is proposed to strengthen the links between ICA and the 
Specialised Bodies by encouraging collaboration between ICA 
offices and the SBs, ensuring that the SB regional committees 
operate in conformity with policies established by the ICA 
Regional Assemblies, enabling the ICA Board to designate liaison 
persons with the SBs, and working towards the objective  of 
having at least half of the SB members also affiliated to the ICA.

Policy 2. Subscription Formula
It is proposed to retain the existing subscription formula, with 
the exception of that applicable to the housing sector.  (The 
ICA Housing Committee has been asked to prepare proposals 
which will simplify the existing formula, without resulting in 
any reduction in subscription income for ICA.  Final proposals 
will be made to the Board, and from the Board to the General 
Assembly, in September 1997.)

Policy 5. Standing Orders for Board Election
In order to improve the procedure for nomination of candidates 
to the ICA Board, it is proposed that the deadline for nominations 
be reduced from three months prior to the General Assembly 
to two months; that emergency nominations be allowed up to
24 hours prior to the voting; that the current provision requiring 
candidates to have served on a governing body for at least two 
years be removed; and that an Elections Committee be appointed 
by the Board to encourage the nomination of candidates and 
supervise the conduct of elections.