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Table of Contents

June, 1997
(Source: ICA Review, Vol. 90 No. 3, 1997)

Editor: Mary Treacy     Editorial Assistant: Laura Wilcox


Table of Contents
Co-op Day Message
General Assembly Geneva, Sept 1997: General Information
Schedule of Meetings
 8. Proposed amendments to ICA Rules and Procedures
 9. Resolutions
 10. ICA and the Global Dimension
 11. ICA Strategy Documents - A Development Update
 12. ICA’s Communications Strategy
 13. ICA Internet Development
 14. ICA Targeted Television Strategy
 15. Project Proposal on Communications and Trade
16. Usefulness of Co-op Statistics at the International Level
17. Consumer Co-ops in Russia During a Period of Radical Social & Economic Reforms
18. Agendas of Sectorial meetings
19. Practical Information on General Assembly