Table of Contents (1997)

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by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
Dec, 1997
(Source: ICA Review, Vol.90 No.4, 1997)
Editor: Mary Treacy    	Editorial Assistant: Laura Wilcox



Part I - General Assembly
General Assembly Geneva September 1997
Draft Minutes of the General Assembly
ICA President Graham Melmoth Addresses the GA	
Dr. Markus Schelker Welcomes Participants to General Assembly
ILO and ICA Collaborate
Director-General Focuses on ICA Priorities

Reports from the ICA Regions
Report from Africa
Report from the Americas

Reports from the Specialised Bodies
Report from the ICAO
Report from CICOPA
Report from Global Women's Committee
Report from ICBA
Report from IHCO
Report from ICMIF
Report from ICHO
Report from Inter-Coop
Report from the ICACC

New ICA Leaders
New President for ICA
Introductions from New ICA Board Members

Part II - Seminar on the Global Dimension of Co-ops
The Global Dimension of Co-operatives:
Presentation by John Langmore
Presentation by Eddy Laurijssen
Presentation by Cyril Ritchie
Presentation by David King
Presentation by Celso Luiz Claro de Oliveira
Presentation by Churll-Hee Won
Presentation by Shigenori Takemoto
Presentation by Katarina Apelqvist
Presentation by Ousseynou Dieng
Presentation by Mario Dumais	

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Please note that some reports from the Specialised Bodies were already printed 
in the last ICA News 5/6 and others did not vary in content from those printed 
in the ICA Annual Report for the General Assembly. hence not all are featured