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March, 1998
(Source: ICA Review, Vol. 91 No. 1, 1998)

Editor: Mary Treacy
Editorial Assistant: Laura Wilcox
Guest Editors: Roger Spear, A. Pawlowska



President's Message

Two Decades of Improvement of Spanish Worker Co-ops by Rafael Chaves

Co-operative Contribution to Rebuilding a Community: The Case of Co-op Kobe by Akira Kurimoto

Co-ops & Agricultural Marketing: Liberalisation in Eastern & Southern Africa by John Launder

Globalisation & Restructuring of Canadian Wheat Industry by Javier Caceres

Individual Equity Capital of Agricultural Co-operatives by Karin Hakelius

Innovation & Change in Federative Decision-Making Systems by Lou Hammond Ketilson

Privatization of Services - what can co-operatives offer? by Gabriele Ullrich

Government Restructuring and Implications for Civil Society - the Co-op Alternative by John Restakis

Towards a Human-Scientific Theory of Action on Co-operation by Kai Blomqvist

Marketing Co-operation in the Global Economy by J. Tom Webb

Book Reviews

ICA International Co-op Research Conference - Values & Adding Value in a Global Context - 13-17 May, 1998, Ireland