This document has been made available in electronic format by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) 

Report of the International Consumer Co-operative Organisation (ICCO) to the General Assembly  (1998)

July, 1998
(Source: ICA Review, Vol.91 No.2 - Annual Report 1997-1998, pp. 49-51)


Executive Committee
Chairman:  Giuseppe Fabretti (Italy)

Vice-Chairman: Hisashi Tanaka (Japan)

Secretary:  Antonella Cosciotti (Italy)

Members:  Silvester Adamca (Slovak Republic); Sigurd Bak (Germany); Petr     Brozek (Czech Republic);  Anne Buch Jorgensen (Denmark); Lars     HILLBOM, (Sweden); Patrice Jolivet (France); Lloyd Wilkinson     (United Kingdom);  Zoltán Zs. Szoke (Hungary)

The following meetings were held in 1997:

Co-operation Policy in Developing Countries

The ICCO, in co-operation with the ICA and the Swedish Co-operative Centre, has drawn up a project for the development and strengthening of consumer co-operatives already existing in Latin America. It is a four-year project promoted by ICA, ANCC, SCC and ICCO in the following countries: Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Brazil and Argentina. At present, the first evaluation phase of the project has been implemented.


The ICCO, in co-operation with Euroco-op and with a EC funding, has organised a Conference on Biotechnologies and Sustainable Consumption, which was held on 21 October 1997 in Brussels. The main objectives of this Conference are: to develop closer links between consumer co-operatives in the various countries and external bodies; to evaluate present and future trends in consumption and distribution; to indicate the ways to really meet members’ and customers’ needs; to identify the elements and the co-operative values that can determine the success of consumer co-operation in the 21st Century.

1998 Activity Plan

1998 Meetings