This document has been made available in electronic format by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) 

Report of the International Co-operative Housing Organisation (ICHO) to the General Assembly  (1998)

July, 1998
(Source: ICA Review, Vol.91 No.2 - Annual Report 1997-1998, pp. 57-58)


Executive Committee
Chairman:  Rolf Trodin   (Sweden)

Vice-Chairman: Jens Heiser   (Germany)

Secretary:  Ivar O Hansen   (Norway)

Members:  Murat Karayalcin (Turkey); Alexandra Wilson (Canada); Herbert     Ludl (Austria); Lois Coelho (Portugal); Mohamed Tantawi      (Egypt); Ivan Prikryl (Czech Rep.); Michael E. Doyle (USA);     Bohdan Saar (Poland); Vladimir Sekanina (Slovak Rep.); Jonson M.    Musau (Kenya); Jorge Salas Sanhueza (Chile)

ICA Housing has 50 members from 37 countries. On our mailing list are also organisations that are only connected to a region of Housing. We have about 40 associated regional ”members”, mostly in Latin America.

We have established four regions with the same geographic structure as the ICA regions.

Activities in 1997
We have had two board meetings, in June in Vienna and in Geneva in September. Our plenary meetings were held in Geneva in September. The Chairman, the Vice-Chairman and the Secretary  met three times to prepare the meetings and seminars.

In connection with our board meetings we always have seminars. The theme of these seminars has since Habitat II in Istanbul 1996 been the follow up work of that conference. We have also had separate seminars around this subject.

Over two days in April  in Kampala,  Uganda, 110 participants from Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Sudan and South Africa  discussed how to implement the themes of Habitat II into their organisations and countries.

In November, in Mexico, 95 delegates from 12 countries  had a  two-day meeting to  discuss legal framework, financing system, saving programmes, self constructing, education and training etc.

Meetings and projects underway
In April 1998 we had our board meeting and seminar in Cairo.

In October 1998 we will have our board meeting, plenary meeting and a seminar in Paris in connection with the Regional Assembly of ICA Europe.  The theme of the seminar will this time be ”added value of membership”. We will also have a discussion about the new economic  structure in the world and its influence on the possibilities to build housing co-operatives for people with small and moderate incomes .

In 1999 we plan to have a board meeting in Portugal in April and a board meeting, plenary meeting and a seminar in Quebec in August.

During 1997 we have made a package with our most important documents in an envelope with our own design. Among the documents are our position paper ”Housing Co-operatives and the Co-operative Identity”, our constitution and rules, statements, address lists etc.

In our General Assembly in Paris we will present a booklet called ”organised self help to solve housing problems". The booklet will be presented by  professor Munkner, who has written it for us.

There is also going to be a paper from our working group on the subject of getting resources from international organisations such as AEU and IF and international and national aid organisations for co-operative housing for low income people in developing countries.

ICA Housing has decided to edit and print a publication presenting our various member organisations and the different ways they are working.