Specialized Organizations

**Specialized Organizations**

During the period under review, the Specialized Organizations have
continued to become stronger in both membership and activities.  Some of
them opted to regionalize their activities.  This is a trend which is
likely to increase following the new regional set-up of the ICA.

In the last four years it has become a regular practice for the ICA
President and Director to meet all Specialized Organization and Working
Party Chairmen and Secretaries immediately prior to the Central Committee
meeting for consultations on various matters of interest to the ICA.

The Specialized Organizations and Working Parties' reports given at the
Central Committee meetings have become an integral part of ICA.

During future years, it is expected that there will be increasing practical
collaboration between the Specialized Organizations and the ICA, both with
the Secretariat in Geneva and with the Regional Offices. At the same time,
the new ICA Rules confirm the independence and self-reliance of the
Specialized Organizations for the future.

Detailed reports of the various Specialized Organizations and Working
Parties are found on pages 65 - 122 of this report.