Special Projects

**Special Projects**

The Special Projects Section of the ICA Head Office was set up in January
1990 with the task of providing policy and administrative support to three
major ICA projects - Basic Co-operative Values, New ICA Structure & Rules,
and Eastern & Central Europe.

*Basic Co-operative Values*

The final result of the Project is a Congress Report which will be
presented in Tokyo by its author and Project Director, Sven Ake Book.

In the process of preparation, he was assisted by the ICA Advisory
Committee on Basic Values, set up in 1989. The Section organised four
meetings of the Advisory Committee in 1990-91, in Moscow, Madrid, Athens
and Berlin.

In addition, a large number of interviews and visits to ICA member
organisations were organised for the Project Director. All this was meant
to broaden the scope of consultation process in order to incorporate
various regional and sectoral approaches to the crucial issue of
Co-operative Values.

The implementation of the Project was made possible thanks to special
financial support from KF of Sweden.

*New ICA Structure and Rules*

This Project was initiated in response to the Stockholm Congress resolution
on "ICA to Meet the Challenges of the New Century". The special ICA
Structure Committee, consisting of Lars Marcus, Raija Itkonen and Bruce
Thordarson, met 10 times between 1989-1991 to produce the Structure Report
and the new set of ICA Rules, together with new ICA Policies, Procedures &
Standing Orders.

These documents have been considered and approved by the ICA Executive and
Central Committees in 1991, in Berlin. It is now the turn of the Congress
to deal with the new Rules.

A draft resolution has also been prepared for the Congress, detailing the
process of ICA's transition to the new Structure and Rules.

*Eastern & Central European Countries (ECEC)*

In the last three years ICA became actively involved  in programmes of
support to the co-operative movements in the ECEC. The broad range of
activities included development of a data bank; policy-dialogue missions to
the region; regular consultation meetings with co-op leaders from the ECEC;
publication of information reports and news about ECEC co-operatives.

ICA has also organised, in collaboration with its Specialised and Member
Organisations, a number of training seminars and workshops for
co-operatives in Eastern and Central Europe:

        -  seminar on co-operative legislation (Prague, December

        -  management training seminar for co-op leaders (Tel-Aviv,
           April 1991);

        -  seminar on co-op wholesaling, with INTER-COOP
           (Budapest, July 1991);

        -  seminar on co-operative insurance, with ICIF (Budapest,
           November 1991);

        -  workshop on credit unions, with WOCCU and ILO (Geneva,
           February 1992);

        -  seminar on transformation of agricultural co-operatives,
           with FAO and Economic Commission for Europe  (Godollo,
           Hungary, June 1992);

        -  seminar on privatisation and co-operative property (to
           take place in Geneva, September 1992).

Credit for the above activities should also be given to ICA members in
Canada, Belgium, Israel, Japan, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, former
USSR, and to WOCCU members in Australia, Ireland and United States, who all
made contributions to the ICA Special Programme of ECEC Support.