*Proposed Resolution on the Implementation of the New ICA Structure*

(submitted by the Executive Committee)

1.      Congress expresses its appreciation to the members of the Structure
        Committee (Raija Itkonen, Lars Marcus and Bruce Thordarson), and to the
        Executive Committee, for the proposals regarding the new ICA structure
       that were approved by the Central Committee in 1991.

2.      The changes are timely and will improve the ability of ICA to carry
        out its role on behalf of, and in collaboration with, its member

3.      It is appropriate that ICA place its emphasis on the five priority
        areas identified by the Structure Committee:

-        promoting and defending co-operative values and principles;
-        stimulating interchange of ideas and collaboration;
-        spreading information about and to co-operatives;
-        acting as a catalyst for co-operative development;
-        being a spokesman to UN organisations and goverments, in
         consultation with member organisations.

4.      A more formal regional structure will enable ICA to be closer to
        the interests and concerns of its members, while not losing the global
        focus that is of importance to all members.

5.      Accordingly, Congress approves the new ICA Rules, as well as the
        ICA Policies, Procedures, and Standing Orders, which are to take
          effect on 1 January, 1993.

6.      In order to ensure a smooth transition to this new structure, the
        present Central Committee should continue in existence until
        the end of 1992. By that time ICA member organisations should inform 
        the ICA secretariat of their nominations to the new General Assembly.

7.      As decided by the Central Committee in 1991, the present Executive
        Committee members should continue to serve until the meeting of 
        the General Assembly in 1993, at which time the members of the new
        ICA Board will be elected.

8.      In order to provide for nomination of the regional Vice-Presidents,
        and to plan for implementation of the new Regional Assemblies
        in 1994, the ICA secretariat should organise consultation meetings 
        with member organisations in its four new regions before the end of
        June 1993.

9.      Although the 30th Congress will be the last Congress as part of the
        ICA governing structure, it is recommended that a special ICA Centennial
        Congress be convened, in conjunction with the meeting of the General
        Assembly, in 1995.

*Proposed Declaration on The Environment and Sustainable Development*

(submitted by the Executive Committee)

1.      The 30th ICA Congress, having received and discussed the report on
'The Environment and Sustainable Development', expresses its appreciation
to the contributors to this report for their assessment and analysis of
several important aspects of this question.

2.      Congress reaffirms the priority which co-operative organisations in
all countries should attach to issues affecting the natural environment in
which they operate and in which their members live.

3.      Congress also expresses its view that it is impossible to separate
environmental and developmental issues, since a more equitable sharing of
the world's resources is a prerequisite to the introduction of effective
environmental programmes.

4.      Co-operatives' commitment to action in these areas is a reflection
of the basic values which they share both in terms of their business
activities and their social responsibilities.

5.      Accordingly, movement-to-movement programmes of support between
co-operatives should be increased in order to promote democratic,
member-owned co-operative organisations.

6.      As well, co-operative organisations should initiate and strengthen
their own environmental action programmes in order to educate their
members, promote sustainable development through their business activities,
and influence the policy of governmental authorities.

7.      Since food reproduction is a key element of sustainable
development, co-operatives should reinforce their commitment to
strengthening agricultural and fisheries co-operatives which operate in a
manner that preserves the natural environment.

8.      The contribution of consumer co-operatives in setting high
environmental standards should be recognised and encouraged in view of the
leadership role they are playing in many countries.

9.      The International Co-operative Alliance should strengthen its role
as an information centre regarding environmental and development issues,
and should promote the sharing of both information and technical knowledge
among its members.

10.     As a reflection of their commitment to sustainable development,
national co-operative organisations and development agencies should
establish their own special environment and development fund(s) and
programmes for this purpose.

11.     The ICA should be encouraged to establish its own Special Fund for
Sustainable Development, which would replace its present Development Fund,
in order to expand its own activities in collaboration with member

 *The XXXth Congress of the International Co-operative Alliance:*

EXPRESSES       gratitude and admiration for the memory of the Rochdale
                Pioneers, who by their courage, inspiration and foresight
                founded the modern Co-operative Movement

REMINDS         all members of the Alliance that December 21, 1994 marks
                the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Pioneers' 
                little shop in Toad Lane, Rochdale

INFORMS         the Alliance that the British Movement will be celebrating
                this outstanding event in an appropriate manner, with the
                aim of obtaining maximum publicity for the Movement's 
                trading operations and promoting greater public understanding 
                of Co-operative ideals and social aims in the UK and indeed 
                throughout the world

INVITES         member organisations to join with the UK in celebrating
                this truly international anniversary.

NOTES           with pleasure that 1995 will mark the centennial of the Alliance

WELCOMES        the proposal that the next Congress be held in that year

RECOMMENDS      that this landmark event should review with pride the 100
                years of achievement by the Alliance since its foundation
                in London in 1895 and plan for future progress

ACCEPTS         the invitation from the British Movement that the event be
                held in Manchester, UK.