This document has been made available in electronic format
         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA
                         June 1994


The International Co-operative Alliance is going through a
period of change and certain re-adjustments have become
necessary in its communications' programme to adapt to the
organisation`s emerging needs.

This issue of the Review was originally planned to contain
information from all the ICA regions, including the newly
formed European region. However, this issue is now dedicated
almost exclusively to co-operation within Europe.

Issue No.3/94 will not be our Annual Report but will contain
reports written by the ICA European Region's sub-groups of
Working Group I on internal matters and Working Group II on
external matters, plus the first draft of Dr. Ian Macpherson's
final report on the Co-operative Principles and the Co-
operative Charter.

The report on the sub-group "Coordination and utilization of
the information networks", of which I am coordinator, will
necessarily pertain not only to the European region, but to
the whole of ICA, as it is necessary for the
communications`strategy of an international organisation such
as ours to be global in its outlook and the exchange of
information between the different regions and economic sectors
will be increasingly important under the new centralised ICA
structure. This issue of the ICA Review will also contain a
report on how the ICA and its member organisations plan to
celebrate the UN International Co-operative Day in 1995.
Review No.4/94 will then become our Annual Report for 1993-94.
However, in addition to the usual reports, this issue will
also contain reports from each of the ICA regions and
summaries of all the regional assemblies.

We hope this revised publication schedule will give our
readers an in-depth picture of the work programme being
implemented by the new European region, and also end the year
with a good overview of what has taken place in all the
regions since ICA adopted its new structure.

As mentioned in the last issue of the Review, readers are
encouraged to contact the ICA Secretariat with story ideas for
a series of press articles which the international news agency
Inter Press Service, will be circulating to help ICA publicize
the co-operative message more widely. Comments on any of the
articles contained in the review, including conflicting points
of view, are also welcome as dialogues on relevant issues can
only lead to improved communications between co-operatives
worldwide. We look forward to hearing from you.

Mary Treacy
Director of Communications