In Memoriam

    This document has been made available in electronic format
         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         June 1995

                       In Memoriam

The family and friends of George Ganneby are greatly saddened
by his unexpected death at his home in Stockholm at the age of

George was introduced to the ICA when he was elected Chairman
of the ICA Tourism Committee (International Union of
Co-operative and Associated Tourism - IUCAT) in 1988. During
his tenure as Chairman he took responsibility for the
revitalization of an ailing IUCAT and steered it to a
subsequent merger with the IFPTO (International Federation of
Popular Travel Organisations) in 1992, leading to the
present-day TICA (French acronym for International
Co-operative and Associated Tourism). 

George was appreciated by co-operators at home and abroad for
his diplomatic and efficient way of handling problems large
and small. A specialist in finding that happy balance between
business and pleasure, George believed and demonstrated that
responsibility could be fun. Those of us who participated at
the Berlin meeting in 1991 will always associate George with
that pleasurable boat ride through Eastern Germany on the
River Spree, an event so typical of George's way of caring for
his fellow co-operators. 

Up to the time of his death, George led a full and varied
life, totally responsible for and expedient of his many
professional and social commitments. George was a well-known
personality in Sweden's co-operative, political and sporting
circles. He was  a Director of RESO AB at the time of his
retirement, having started his co-operative career some 40
years earlier with Folksam. For a time he was Chairman of the
Social Democratic party in his home town and at the time of
his death he was Chairman and Director respectively of his
local tennis and golf clubs with responsibility for elite and
junior teams. 

His fellow-TICA members will remember George as a friend, for
his warmth, his ability to listen and his eagerness to seek
solutions. We will also remember him fondly for his endless
supply of gifts, and as a keen amateur of Bordeaux wines,
particularly Saint-Estephe.

Finola Marras