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                         June, 1995

                     Table of Contents


Co-operative Day Message

Co-operative Principles
     The Moral Aspect of Co-operation by G.J.D.C.

     Foundations of Co-operation by T.W. Mercer (1931)

     Revision of Co-op Principles and the Role of
     in the 21st Century by Hans H. Muenkner (1994)

     Co-operative Purpose, Values and Management into the 21st
     Century by Peter Davis (1995)

Co-operative Women`s Issues

     Women and the Co-operative Movement by Maria-Elena

     The Women`s Organisation in the Co-operative Movement by
     Emmy Freundlich (1921)

     My Vision of a Co-operative Future by Katarina Apelqvist

     Gender Perspective of ICA Europe Reports by Raija Itkonen

Co-operation Between Co-operatives

     Collaboration between Co-operatives by Robert Davies

     The EURESA Experience by Thierry Jeantet (1995)

International Co-operative Trade

     Commercial Development, Free Trade and the Co-operative
     Movement by Emmy Freundlich

     Co-operative Trade in the Americas by Juan Diego Pacheco

Co-operative Development

     Technical Assistance by ICA President Bonow (1960)

     A New Era for Co-ops and the Implications for Co-op
     Legislation by Hans H. Muenkner (1994)

     ICA`s Development Programme by Jan-Eirik Imbsen (1995)

Membership Participation

     International Joint Project on Co-operative Democracy - A
     Scottish Perspective by Iain Macdonald (1995)
Employee Ownership

     Employee Ownership and Participation by Benito Benati

Social Economy

     The Social Economy and Co-ops - A German Perspective by
     Hans-Detlef Wuelker

In Memoriam
     George Ganneby

Book Reviews